Huawei P50 Could Come In Android: Features of the Huawei P50

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Do you know that the Huawei P50 could come in android? Since Huawei announced its flagship P Series phones back in September 2020, it’s got everyone curious about the features of the Huawei P50. Much details by the Huawei CEO who announced the same haven’t been given yet. But there are indeed some features we do know about the Huawei P50, and we’ll have a quick glance at them.

Huawei P50 Could Come In Android

Huawei P50 Could Come In Android

One that seems to gain increasing interest is the prospect Huawei P50 could come in Android. It’s surprising, Huawei had announced in 2020 that all of its phones out in 2021 would run a different OS. That is Huawei’s own first-party OS the Hongmeng OS, or as it is called in English, the Harmony OS. It seems there has been a change of plans by the Chinese tech giants but there isn’t really.

In a bid to clarify this uncertainty about the preferred OS for P50, Huawei subsequently announced that its phones of 2021 not initially powered by the OS will be designed for a seamless upgrade to the Harmony OS. One good reason why the Harmony OS is better off not pre-installed is that it hasn’t yet a wide enough ecosystem.

Features of the Huawei P50

Only a handful of the Huawei P50 features have been announced. It’s a powerful flagship phone and here are highlights on those features which makes it so.

  • Water-resistant. The Huawei P50 is said to have features of water resistance. However, it’s unclear how deep it can go underwater. More will be known as we get closer to its release date, and this is one of its features you can watch out for.
  • Wireless charging. It is said to come with wireless charging features as well. The technology used in this device would probably be improved on to make for faster charging.
  • Sharp display. Every loves sharp screens. With the Huawei P50, you get a FHD+ 1080 X 2340 display.
  • Power Chip. A good chip to power your high end phone makes for the speed, and quality other features of the phone rely on. The Huawei P50 is said to come with the Kirin 9000 chipset. It’s a well-known chipset made by the tech giants themselves, Huawei.

Other details about its design, camera, and the likes are not yet unveiled. But we’re sure it’s nothing short of quality on these features from Huawei.

About The Huawei Harmony OS

Huawei’s Harmony OS is a new operating system and so it needs time to grow. The success of the new Harmony OS really depends on the number of app developers actively contributing to its ecosystem. This suggests that the Huawei P50 could come in Android pre-installed and upgradable to the Harmony OS once it’s been released by Huawei. That way, people interested both in the P50 and the Harmony OS can still enjoy both. The Harmony OS has been flaunted by Huawei since its release.

It is said to be better than Android on many fronts. People have been used to having the Android OS and the IOS, and so the Harmony OS seems to be a breath of Fresh Air. Attempts have been made in the past by other tech giants to break the monopoly of both the IOS and Android OS, but all to no avail. They didn’t last in the market because it led to crappy phones and app developers didn’t really settle with the ecosystems of the new OS much.

They lacked apps, and users and had to revert back to Android. However, this new Harmony OS seems like a viable contender that should get Google really worried. Developers are already working on apps using Harmony. And it shouldn’t be long before we see some high level implementation in future tech. With App development also said to be easier on Harmony OS compared to Android we might see some phones pre-installed with the harmony OS earlier than anticipated.

The harmony OS like Android is also open-sourced. Phone industries are free to make pre installments of the Harmony OS on their latest phones. Although much about the phone Huawei P50 is yet to be unveiled, we trust it would be a great buy given the quality Huawei is well known for. Estimated price for the Huawei P50 is set around $900 and it’s release to be out within the first half of the year 2021.

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