Huawei Suddenly Strikes at Google with New “Fight” to Beat Android. According to, the chairman of Huawei Guo Ping on rotation, said that “The world has been suffering for a long time”, he said this in reference to the lockdown on the android ecosystem by google. This also put an end to the executive silence on President Donald Trump’s latest bombardment, withholding the access of Huawei’s access to chipsets that are used in powering its flagship smartphones.

Huawei Suddenly Strikes at Google with New "Fight" to Beat Android

Guo also made another statement saying that the new sanctions “would cause some difficulty … especially for high-end cellphones” but gave assurance to the employees that “I believe we can solve them”. In fact, Guo’s speech was centered on the response of Huawei’s response to the Google loss of these mobile phones.

Huawei Suddenly Strikes at Google with New “Fight” to Beat Android

According to Forbes, Gou said that “the world is looking forward to a new open system”.  He also went further to say, “and since Huawei helped android succeed, why not make our own system successful?”. The chairman was very direct in his speech here. Although HMS maybe large, acute, and daring as claimed by Huawei, their timing on the full harmony OS deployment on a smartphone is imprecise.

“HMS must have a foolish old man moving mountain spirit,” Guo said all these things to upturn his audience, “no matter how high the mountain is, dig an inch or less, persist and fight for a long time, we will definitely succeed.” There is nothing currently in the HMS remarks. What is new, though, is that anything can still be on trail a notwithstanding the admission from the company that is been stocked with custom chipsets will only be to be seen through the launch of mate 40, together with the analysis that is assuming depletion early next year.

About Huawei Company

Huawei technologies develop, design, and sell telecommunications gadgets, electronics, and equipment. The company was founded in the year 1987. Although the company at first was focused on the manufacturing of phone switches but has enlarged its business to include building telecommunications matrix, provides consulting and operational services and equipment. Huawei has deployed its products and services in over 170 countries. The company took over Ericsson as the largest telecommunications manufacturer in the year 2012 and also overtook Apple as the world’s second-largest manufacturer of smartphones. Although Huawei company has faced challenges in some markets, especially the United States government but has managed to scale through.

Huawei Mobile Smartphones

Huawei is a Chinese telecommunications company that has since 1997 been manufacturing phones. The company is the largest telecom construction maker in the whole world today. The company is also involved in the making of android tablets and smartphones. It has recently stepped into the making of smartwatch and android wear devices. The Huawei company is one of the biggest manufacturers of the smartphone. Their recent launch is the Y9a. It came in December with exceptional qualities.

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