is the official website for the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The website provides you with all the information you need to get housing assistance. Do you need any form of help as regards housing? HUD offers housing support and uplifts communities. Why not let HUD guide your next steps to the right place. However, for more information on hud services, keep reading. – Homes

Visit the Hud website at to find Housing Assistance. Also get current COVID-19 information and housing resources, such as

  • House
  • Rental Assistance
  • Interface
  • Local Public Housing
  • Interface add
  • REAC Property and Unit Inspections
  • Building
  • Homeownership
  • Buildings and person
  • Rent Relief Resources

Other Popular Resources include

  • Homes for Sale
  • Interface
  • Find a Lender
  • Interface add
  • Data Sets
  • Building
  • Housing Choice Voucher Program

The above are some of the lists of services offers. To get the full information about the above programs, visit

What is HUD? – Hud Housing

HUD stands for Housing and Urban Development. The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is one of the executive departments of the US federal government. The department administers federal housing and urban development laws. Datasets

HUD website provides interested researchers with access to the original datasets generated by PD&R-sponsored data collection efforts. Datasets such as the American Housing Survey, median family incomes and income limits, as well as microdata from research initiatives on topics such as housing discrimination, the HUD-insured multifamily housing stock, and the public housing population.

Hub Housing Assistance – Housing

Housing Assistance is a popular government-funded program. The program comes with safe and affordable homes for low-income people and families including the elderly and handicapped in the US. There are three main housing assistance programs, they are Housing Choice Vouchers, Public Housing, and Section 8 Project-Based Rental Assistance.

Intending applicants visit their Public Housing Authority close to them to apply for housing assistance. Successful applicants will get a voucher from the PHA. They will use the voucher to find an apartment. Then PHA will pay part of the bill, While the beneficiary pays the remaining. Although the PHA pays the higher amount.

How to Find HUD Housing Assistance

To find housing assistance, do the following;

You will find all the required info you need to get the Assistance.

How to Find HUD Office Near You

To find the hud office close to you, do this

  • Go to
  • Scroll down the page and tap on the Find HUD office near you button

From the next page, find the nearest HUD office address.

HUD Customer Service Phone Number

To reach HUD customers service Agents, you can visit their official website. Go to

Click on the menu icon, and select the Contact Us button. On the new page, select a topic to find the phone number that relates to the service you want.

How does the HUD work?

HUD “assists” low-income people in the US with rental subsidies in the private sector, primarily through Section 8 certificates and vouchers, through the Office of Public Housing. Families seeking assistance apply through their local public housing authority (PHA).

What is your HUD?

HUD provides housing support and uplifts communities. Let us guide your next steps to the right place. Helping you meet your housing needs. HUD provides housing support and uplifts communities.

How to contact HUD?

You can contact HUD by dialling their official phone number or visiting the nearest HUD office in your Area. To locate hud nearest branch go to

How to find your local public housing agency and HUD office?

A directory of local HUD offices is available on the HUD website ( There you’ll find the HUD director’s name, office address, phone number, fax and e-mail address. HUD maintains a database of all Section 8 applications, so a staff person can tell you the status of your application.


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