The iCloud App can be accessed on multiple devices. Users can make use of the app to store different files like photos, contacts, calendars, notes, videos, etc. on the cloud.

iCloud App

You can log in to your iCloud account using the app, upload files, and retrieve files from the cloud with ease. To access your iCloud account on the web, visit this page will display all the app and tools supported by the service.

iCloud App

An Apple ID is the key part of owning an Apple device, and it can be used to access iCloud, App Store, iTunes, Apple Music, and more. The account is also necessary for syncing content across devices, making purchases, and more.

Creating Apple ID is free and easy, and can be done just within a few minutes. You can use the ID to access both websites and iOS devices.

iCloud App for Android

Other than iOS devices, the app can also be downloaded and installed on Android smartphones now. You can head to your device play store and get it downloaded just like every normal app.

  • Launch your Android Google Play Store
  • Tap on the search box and enter the keyword “iCloud App”
  • Select the app from the options
  • Then tap on Download

After downloading, the app will automatically be installed on your device. You can create an iCloud account or sign in to one using your ID and password if you already have an account.

iCloud Account

  • Launch your web browser
  • Enter the URL
  • Navigate to the bottom of the page and click on Create Apple ID
  • Enter your First name, last name, country/region, birthday, Apple ID, password, and phone number
  • Verify the captcha
  • And click on Continue
  • You will have to verify the account using the link sent to the mail you mail

Your Apple Account will be created and you can begin using your ID.

iCloud App for Windows

A lot of iOS apps can be used on Windows if you have an iCloud account but don’t have a Mac laptop. You can download the iCloud app on Windows PC from the Microsoft store and use it the same way you can on iOS devices.

  • Launch the Microsoft Store
  • Click on the search box
  • Then search for iCloud
  • Click on the app
  • And lastly, click on Get to download the app

After downloading, you will be asked if you want to install the app. You can select to install the app after it has completed the download. You can launch the app and start using it after you have logged in using your Apple ID and password.

iCloud App Download

There are iCloud Apps (Apple Apps) that can be accessed using your iCloud ID. The below are iCloud Apps that you can download:

To download an iCloud App, you just have to visit your App Store, Play Store, or Microsoft Store to download the app.

How to Delete Apps from iCloud

To delete apps from your iOS device, navigate to the iCloud section in the Settings app. On Mac, navigate to iCloud in System Preference. While on Windows, you will need to install the iCloud desktop app.

The next step is to:

  • Click on iCloud, then select the Manage Storage option
  • Then click on the app you want to delete and select the Turn Off and Delete option

That’s it.


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