Have you ever heard of the Instagram Dark Mode? The dark mode is one feature that has been trending on social media platforms. Currently, Facebook has this feature on its platform. WhatsApp also makes this feature available in its beta version, which is not yet available to all users. And right now, the issue of this feature on Instagram is on board. Is this available for Instagram users? Let’s check this out.


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Instagram Dark Mode

Instagram Dark Mode is here so you do not have to go under the covers to scroll through your phone! Why worry when you can give your eyes and phone battery a smooth and secure experience?

The latest mobile operating systems are now compatible with this dark mode, which enables you to turn down the background lights for both Android and iOS phones. This latest and trending release gives you the chance to turn the white background of the Instagram app into a dark background. Isn’t that amazing?

What does this feature do for you? It simply helps you turn the Instagram white background into a dark one, which helps to protect your eyes. What else does it do? This also helps to protect your phone’s battery!

Dark Mode for Instagram

Enabling the Instagram Dark Mode does not take place within the main app on your smartphone. Apart from these, not all mobile devices are compatible with this feature. What do I mean? You have to make use of certain devices before you can be able to access this feature.

Apple recently launched a new iOS version 15, which is compatible with this dark mode feature and is known as Dark Mode for iPhone. This dark mode is meant to provide its users with comfortable viewing for the eyes.

This feature is available for iOS and Android. What version of Android phones? Android 10. Smartphone users with iOS 15 and Android 13 are able to access the dark mode for this social media app.

How to Enable Instagram Dark Mode

To turn on this feature, you do not have to go through the main Instagram app. Just from your smartphone settings, you can set up and access this amazing and helpful feature. So, if you are set to use this feature on Android phones and iOS phones, check out the steps below.

Dark Mode for iOS 15

If you make use of the iOS version 15, you can access and make use of this Instagram Dark Mode that protects your eyes and phone battery. To enable it, there are several ways to but not within the main Instagram app. So, with this, you have to go through your normal phone settings. Let’s check them out.

  • On your smartphone, go to your phone settings
  • From the options on the page, tap on “Display and Brightness”
  • Click on “Dark”, in order to change the theme
  • Launch the Instagram app and enjoy the rest of the moment

Dark Mode for Android 13

This feature is also available for Android phones, which are for Android version 10. Follow the steps below to turn on the dark mode.

  • On your Android phone, go to the phone’s Settings
  • Scroll down to select “Display”
  • Activate the “Dark Theme” toggle switch
  • Open the Instagram app and enjoy this feature

That’s how it works!


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