You may really want to check out the Instagram Dark Mode on Android, as checking out photos and videos on the white layout may be stressful sometimes. So, if you are just in need of a way to scroll through your Instagram feed comfortably, you should check out this article right away.

Instagram Dark Mode on Android

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Instagram Dark Mode on Android

This is a feature anticipated by so many people out there. Not just that! The dark mode feature in general has been expected by so many social app users out there. And right now, it is available on the Instagram social app too!

So, recently, Instagram rolled out the dark mode for its platform, which is available for both Android and iOS devices. So, if you make use of any of the compatible devices listed above, then you are just good to go. It is actually one of the most anticipated features of Instagram. This dark mode helps in saving your phone’s battery and reduces the stress of staring at bright screens for too long.

How to Enable Dark Mode on Instagram Android

The Instagram Dark Mode on Android is meant to provide you with a comfortable experience on your Android phone. It reduces the brightness of the white layouts and the stress of straining your eyes. Well, so many social media platforms out there support this feature and this is now available on Instagram.

So, if you make use of an Android phone, you should join the population who are already on the use of the platform. Using this feature is not complicated at all. However, there are factors that you need to take note of.

In order for you to be eligible for the use of this dark feature, you need to make use of an Android phone of Android version 10, which is the latest Android operating system. You can upgrade yours by accessing you’re your phone “Settings”, click on “System”, and tap on “System Update”. However, to engage in this online update, you have to turn on your data connection.

How to Turn on Dark Mode on Instagram Android

So, how can you turn on this dark feature for the Instagram app on your smartphone? It’s easy! As long as you have got the latest Android version, you are just good to go. With this, let’s check out the following steps to help you get hold of this amazing dark feature.

  • After upgrading your Android version, go to your phone’s “Settings”
  • Next, tap on “Display”
  • Switch on the “Dark Theme” toggle
  • Open the Instagram app and enjoy the moment

You should also note that since you are switching on the dark mode from the main phone’s settings, then it may apply to the other social apps out there.


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