Bringing you closer to people in the Instagram Direct feature! You can send and receive direct/private messages with friends, family, and others who use the social app too.

There is absolutely no doubt that Instagram provides us with amazing features to help us connect with one another. Chat messaging is also one of these fun features that you can find on the platform.

Instagram Direct

Currently, there are billions of people who are active members of the social site. And each of these people tends to engage in chat messaging too! So, if you are not there yet, then you are just missing out on an amazing way to keep in touch with others out there.

Instagram Direct

Instagram Direct simply refers to the chat messaging feature. Sending and receiving direct/private messages with one another has become a daily trend on social apps. One amazing fact is that Instagram makes it easier for you to send and receive messages using its mobile app or web version. This private feature is available to the users of this popular visual app. It gives users the chance to share the following;

  • Send and receive texts
  • Instagram photos and video posts
  • Photos and videos from your device’s gallery
  • Instagram profiles
  • Instagram locations and hashtags

Although this social media network has been around since the year 2010, however, this private messaging feature became available in the year 2013.

So, if you have always wanted to keep in touch with friends, family, customers, or brands, you can do so right away. Let’s dive in, as you get more fun details just for you.

Why You Should Use Instagram Direct

The Instagram Direct messaging feature is useful if you’ve got people to keep in touch with. It is absolutely useful if you’ve got followers to share specific information with. Why is this so?

Most times, not everything needs to be shared with everyone out there – especially if you’ve got a very large audience and fan base. The private (direct) messaging feature is also helpful if you want to connect privately with someone on Instagram.

The Instagram Direct feature allows you to meet a more targeted audience and a group of people, so you do not get to fill everyone’s feed with photos and videos not relevant to them.

How Instagram Direct Works

A direct message can be sent to anyone you are following on this social network; not just that! You can also send messages to people you are not following too. However, they will show up as message requests in their message inbox and they have to approve your message first.

Before going further, you should note that they can also choose to reject your message request. This actually helps to protect the users’ privacy from spam and abusive messages. If they accept your message request, every message you have sent will be sent to their direct inbox even if you are not following them.

Apart from sending direct messages on the platform, you can also reply to messages. These messages appear as bubbles and you can just follow up with any conversation!

How to Find Instagram Direct

Every time you get a new message, you will be notified through the message icon. This message icon exists as a “Mail” icon at the top-right side of your Instagram home page. To start composing a new message, tap on the “+” option, and provide the username of the person you are texting.


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