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Log in to Instagram today and see pictures, videos and albums from friends, family and discover accounts from all over the world. The Instagram Home tab shows you a display of feed of photos and videos posted and shared by you and your friends. Have you heard that when someone finds out about businesses, he or she quickly runs to their Instagram tab immediately? This home tab is your wide choice to make up your impression about the millions of users. And also members of Instagram that are potential and reliable customers.

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Marketing advertisements and directions are displayed right on Instagram. So, therefore, get engaged right now and make sure you are in front. I am so sure that a lot of you can vividly recall the era without the World Wide Web – How boring! Years passed and we are finally in the World Wide Web era that everything trends on the internet.

In other words, businesses that do not find themselves a homepage are said to be untrustworthy and fake and they end up falling behind. So what am I trying to say here? I mean that businesses and companies without an Instagram account are said to be fake and untrustworthy. Without an Instagram account, do you even exist at all? These days all people do is to open that Instagram tab and see what the “Instagram Home” page has in store for them. They search through Instagram for a brand before doing so on the web browser.

Instagram Home – Benefits

All of these actually started when Facebook brought up and announced “Business profiles” for companies and enterprises to display all their facts on their profile. Since then, marketing has never been the same. A business can be elevated to the top when it becomes an Instagram brand. There is so much happening right before your eyes and if you fail to join in, you will be left out in the dust.

Certainly, Instagram is the number one social network for the promotion of modern business. Without much ado, I am saying that when your company lands on the homepage. It needs to explain what it is all about. It needs more detailed information to make a first and lasting impression from the customers.

Whatever you display on the Instagram home page also needs to be displayed in your Instagram profile. If people were to find the details of your company on the page, they have to be able to get and understand the nature and kind of business it is. For you to do this, you need to follow these steps;

Instagram Home – How to Make Your Homepage Attractive

  1. Make Sure Your Grid Is Attractive

The very first thing the audience is going to judge you on is the visual signal that you give. A potential and reliable customer has to see your profile first to decide if they want to tap that blue button. So if your grid has got quality, then you can be sure that they will follow up.

People out there love an organized feed, so give the people exactly what they want! For an Instagram user to become your follower, your contents on the homepage should have the standard of captivating their attention.

  1. Compose A Nice Bio

You have to type in a strong and reliable short bio of your business. Instagram users should be able to understand your biz after reading through those words. Be specific and informative in the explanation of your business. You can also type and add a relevant and safe link to your site.


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