WP Rocket has three different type of rocket you can use for your WordPress plugins. It have the WP Rocket footer JS, WP rocket background cache and WP rocket ASYNC CSS.

Install WP Rocket on your WordPress Account

WP Rocket Footer JS

The Footer JS process all in line and also the external JS to a particular file and then put the footer with async on.

Features of the WP Rocket Footer JS

They are lot of features for you to use for your WordPress Plugins. You must always put all the localized scripts together before the primary script.

  • Automatically optimize popular 3rd party services which includes; cornerstone page builder, mouse flow, Google tag manager, Pingdom prum, sumo ne, MCAfee secure, Facebook pixel tracking, Clicky tracking, Pushcrew tracking, Avvo.com tracking, double click Google analytics, Google analytics, wp rockets Lazyload and tawk.to
  • Automatically lazy load popular widgets includes; Google maps with Avada theme, all Facebook social widget, all twitter social widgets, all Google plus social widgets, all Google Adsense advertisements, tumbler, amazon ads, Stuble Upons, VK.com, WooCommerce social media share button plugin, any Iframe, blog her Ads, video embeds and also pin interest.

With all this features and you fill you still need professional assistance with this plugin or you just want an expert to get your site to make it run faster. You can actually consult one of its developer to help you figure out what you need.

How to Install WP Rocket Footer JS

The steps are very easy all you just have to do is to;

  • Upload the plugin file or you install the plugin through the WordPress plugin screen directly on you WordPress account
  • And then you activate the plugin through the plugin screen in WordPress, and then you clear WP rocket cache and view HTML source.


This is very easy to use because it will help you combine all in line and external CSS in the order found on the page and save it to cache folder as a new file.

How to Install WP Rocket ASYNC CSS

To install this plugin for your WordPress account is very easy. All you just got to do is to;

  • Upload the plugin files to the wp/content/plugins/rocket-aasynccss direct, or you will just have to install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  • And then you will have to activate the plugin through the plugin screen in WordPress and you will view it with HTML source and test it out

It works well you can keep on using it for your WordPress account and enjoy using it.

WP Rocket Background Cache

This type of plugin will help you defer all cache pre loading to wp cron. And if a page request come and the page is not yet cached then the WP-rocket will be disable.

How to install WP Rocket Background Cache

All you just to have to do is to; upload rocket background cache to the wp-content/plugins/ directory. And then you activate the plugin through the plugin mene in WordPress that is all you just have to do.

And then you will be able to enjoy every other feature attached for your WordPress account.


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