Interactive brokers is a public traded company. Its an electronic brokerage firm base by number of daily average trade, forex and brokers. Interactive brokers offers brokers stocks, option, futures, eepc, futures options, forex, bounds, funds and cfds, and commodity trading advisors. Making it the fifth largest prime brokers servicing CTAS. Interactive brokers was founded in the year 1978 in new york city in united states and the headquarters is Greenwich, Connecticut. It has 24 offices in 12 countries. It was founded by the chairman and ceo Thomas peterffy.

Interactive Brokers | Interactive Brokers Online Trading Login

Why should you Invest in Interactive Brokers?

  • Lower cost and higher revenue; interactive brokers minimize your cost to help you maximize your return, our low commissions and financing rates and the best price. It also generates higher returns, higher interest on balances and the best price executive.
  • Integrated financial management; in interactive brokers you can borrow, spend, earn and also invest worldwide from one account.

Global Access; you can have a direct market access to stock, futures, options, Forex, bonds, ETFS, and CFDS, from a single account.

  • Innovative technology; interactive brokers have been building online trading technology that provides competitive pricing, speed, size, diversity of global product advanced trading tools to our client for 40 years.
  • Investors marketplace; in interactive brokers investors market place you can meet and also talk with the third party service providers to connect and conduct business. Investors’ market place is also open to everyone. You can also connect to varieties of services providers, including advisors, hedge, funds, research analysts, and business, develop and administers.
  • Financial strength and stability; in interactive brokers our strength in capital position is very strong, conservation balance sheet and automated risks controls, protect our client and customers from large trading losses.
  • Education; in interactive broker, even the most experienced traders needs to keep learning to stay ahead. Trades in the university provide you different kinds of information about interactive brokers’ product and services.

Interactive Brokers Pricing

Interactive brokers discount prices for every of our customers and client and they are the best deal for both the occasional and frequent traders. We also offers low commissions on all product we offer low interest rates, and high loan values on portfolio margin accounts.

  • We also give you news on market data like interactive brokers information system platform and also real time global market data on specific exchanges
  • Advisor Client Fee; our automated flexible client fee options make it easy for you to run your own business in your way.
  • Broker Client Markups; interactive broker make it easy for you to run your business your own way. Like offering different fee schedules for multiple clients’ accounts using client fee templates and also fully disclosed brokers can configure and submit electronic invoices in account management.
  • TRADING; Interactive brokers help you in your trading speed and efficiency with our trading platform. It provides mobile solution that allows you to go online trading from your interactive brokers account on your mobile phones, Desktop and web. We also have Platform Demos, Tws software, Api solution and research platform.
  • Technology we offer smart Routing to our client and also have the best price Execution for Nine years. We also search for the best firm, option, and combination prices available for your electronics also offers smart routing to our clients in term of Third party integration, customer Activity monitor, white brand and also features in focus.
  • Products; we have our product in different countries like United States, Canada and also in Mexico.

How to Login

  1. Visit the web page
  2. At the top right sides of the page click on Login. A small page will pop out
  3. click on new, you will see a page that pop out , where you can enter your login Details, which are your Username and Password
  4. select the type of account you operate on, either Live Account or Paper Account
  5. Click on login
  6. Then follow the steps displayed on your screen


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