Inland Revenue Department also knowns as “IRD” is a New Zealand type of department that indulges in advice on collecting tax, the policy of tax, taking and giving of payments for social programs. This department was founded in 1878 as a land tax department. Then it was changed in 1892 to a land and income tax department built in wellington.

After some time, it later joined the stamp duties department and became an Inland Revenue Department. Inland Revenue Department served in New Zealand and headquartered in 55 Featherstone Street, Pipitea, Wellington having Judith Collins as minister of revenue and Naomi Ferguson as chief executive and commission.

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Inland Revenue Department has over five thousand (5000) employees to satisfy their users. As of 2015-2016, Inland Revenue Department took $63.4 billion in tax revenue which they used to pay for services that citizens benefited from such as social security.

Also health and education, housing and community development, culture and recreation, transport, law, and order. Inland Revenue Department administers these programs for social support.

  • Support of children.
  • Working for the benefit of families.
  • Payment of leave for a parent.

This is a little explanation of what IRD does.

Revenue for Individuals and Families

Income tax; these are individual’s income tax. The following are some of the options offered for knowledge of tax.

  • Tax codes; for individuals, they have to work out how much tax they’ll pay for a year, choose the tax code that suits them the most, take note of what their tax rate is, and lots more.
  • How different types of income are taxed; users need to have knowledge of how several types of income are taxed. There are rental income, salary or wages and so many more.
  • Tax credits; users need to know the various tax credit for donations, independent earner tax credits, payroll giving which is given as you earn, and also a tax credit for children.

Inland Revenue Department Student Loans

Inland Revenue Department keeps your student loan once your loan is approved

  • Working in New Zealand; these users can have the knowledge of how repayments work when they get income from another source or when they are self-employed.
  • Going overseas with a student loan; users can learn about the obligations and interest options on repayment when they go abroad for over six months.
  • Managing your student loan; users can have knowledge of how interest works on your loan and how you can make extra repayment and also how you can pay your loan fully.

Revenue for Non-Profit Organizations

Employing staff; these are the following things you have to know in employing staff.

  • Who is an employee; Inland Revenue Department gives advice to help employees get to know how self-employed their employees are.
  • How to register as an employer; users can register either by completing a form or doing it online, you can also register as an employer if you are a company.
  • Business income tax; when you run a business you must account for income tax on your expenses and so many more against your income.
  • Tool for business; users need to get the tool for business so as to get their business tax issues made out easy and faster.
  • Claiming business expenses; it is necessary for you to pay tax on income. Some business expense is given for out of income made on business this cannot be seen as allowable business expenses.

Inland Revenue Department Login

  • Visit the link
  • Click on the login icon at the right top corner of the page.
  • Enter your user ID.
  • Enter your password.
  • Click on the login icon.

For more information visit the site.


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