Is Education Free in Canada? Canada is one of the countries with outstanding academic qualities. Both people within and outside the country come to benefit from their academic system. But the question here is “Does Canada offers free education to students?

Is Education Free in Canada - Is College Education Free in Canada for International Students and Immigrants

In CA, if you are a citizen, landed immigrant, or a refugee awaiting processing of your claim your children stand to enjoy free educated from kindergarten to grade 12(in a public-funded school). Although, sometimes you might be requested to pay fees for textbooks and school supplies.

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Moreover, you can also decide to send your children to a private school where you will pay fees. Find out about the cost of primary, secondary, and university education in Canada in the various sections beneath.

Is Education Free in Canada

Nothing is totally free but most advanced countries collect taxes and then provide the important things free as services- including schools, police, roads, medical care, etc. Free education for elementary and high school is seen as an essential service to be paid for by the government, aka the people in general.

However, if parents wish a language or religion to be part of the education then they pay extra. University is definitely not free in Canada unless you are given a scholarship or one of your parents works in an organization where that provides that benefit to the children of employees.

Primary School Fees in Canada

A public primary school in CA is free for residents of Canada. For international – If you’re sending your child to Canada to study, endeavor to check with the school to find out if there are fees for international students.

Sometimes, schools may charge little fees for your child to participate in extra activities, such as sports students’ teams or school outings.

Tuition Fees in Canada for International Students

Public secondary or high school is totally free of charge in Canada for residents of the country. Lots of schools charge fees for international students, which can range from approximately CAD 8,000 to CAD 14,000 each year. However, you can find out the school you want your child to attend to confirm the cost, if any, for international students.

Just like in primary school, high schools charge small fees for your loved one to participate in extra activities such as excursions, sports, games, etc. Concerning feeding, in secondary school, many students come to school with their own lunch, moreover, some schools offer cafeterias or hot lunch programs where students can buy a meal.

Cost Of University Education in Canada

Compared to other countries, tuition in universities in Canada is definitely way less expensive, but it’s definitely not free. However, in CA, tuition can range from CAD 1,800 per year to approximately CAD 20,000 annually for an undergraduate degree.

Also, accommodation, food, and local transportation costs vary from city to city. So, the cost of education depends on the school and the city you’re in. Living expenses for one year averaged around CAD 12,000.

Is college free in Canada for citizens?

No, college and university education is not free in Canada. While tuition fees for Canadian citizens are subsidized by the government and are generally lower than for international students, they still have to pay tuition fees.

However, there are various grants, scholarships, and bursaries available for Canadian students that can help offset the costs of tuition and other expenses. Additionally, there are some provinces in Canada, such as Quebec, which offer lower tuition fees compared to other provinces.


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