Italki is an online language knowledge stage that connects linguistic students and teachers through video charts. The site also offers students to search for online teachers for one-on-one teaching. You can choose online language lessons taught by a professional teacher, who give organized learning plans.


This amazing site was founded in 2007 by Yonghua Jiang and Kevin Chen. They launched it as an online language exchange community. At first, the site was focused on building free features for the community.

Then later in 2009, the site started launching its teacher marketplace, permitting teachers to earn money by providing online tutoring services.

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The Italki permits the teachers to set their own price and time schedule. The headquarter is located in Hong Kong China. You can work as an online teacher; it is a pretty good supplemental income indeed. Most especially meeting new friends from around the world can be very rewarding.

The top 10 languages learned on this site are English, Spanish, French, Japanese, Chinese, German, Korean, Italian, and Portuguese. The site has also helped review interest in endangered or vulnerable languages like Basque and Blackfoot.

The site is super wonderful, they connect five million language learners with over 10,000 teachers through one-on-one lessons.

How ITALKI Works

The first step to take is to sign up. And this process is just a few short steps. Once you choose what language you like to learn, the site will then take you to a list of available teachers.

Once the list of teachers shows up, you will have to look for the right teacher for yourself. To more about your teacher, you can click on the teacher profile to know more details about him/her.

You will see their hourly rates, video outline, and upcoming availability, and you can filter the teacher options by country of origin, hourly rate at a price of $4, typing any language instruction like business, test preparation, and other characteristics.

Types of Teachers in Italki

There are 2 types of teachers, professional teachers, and Community Tutors. The professional has at least a university degree in education, a teaching certificate, and teaching experience in a school, university, or language institute.

The community Tutors are native speakers or have an advanced level of the language they are teaching. You will find professional teachers to be more expensive and have more experience teaching than the community.

Community tutors will generally be a better idea if you are more interested in casual conversation practice.

How to Apply for a Teacher in Italki

To apply for a teacher, you need to follow the instruction below:

  • Provide your application on COM through your computer, or laptop, it is not available on the phone or app.
  • The application will be notified of the result within 10 business days.
  • Within 15 calendar days of receiving a pre-approval email you will have to complete the following onboarding process:
  • Uploading your identity document (how to pass ID verification)
  • Watch the teacher success tutorial videos
  • Pass the quizzes
  • Make sure you guided tutorials to set up your account

How Much Does ITALKI Pay?

You can charge anywhere from $4 to $8 an hour for your time. Most of the teachers always set a low-price trial rate of $1-5 as a way to recruit students. Once they notice students are tripping in, they will higher the rate if the student wishes to continue.

All teachers are allowed to give 3 trial lessons before the language learner must make a purchase decision. The English teachers usually charge $25-$33 an hour.

How to Sign Up ITALKI | ITALKI Sign Up

To sign up you have to agree to ITALKI terms of services and privacy policy.

  • Open your table and click on Sign Up or visit
  • Allow to load and choose among the account below: Sign up with Facebook, Google, Apple, VK, and WeChat.
  • After clicking on any of the Accounts stated below, then put the correct login to the account
  • Then following the procedure that follows after that.

Italki Login

Follow the step below:

  • Visit the ITALKI login page through the link
  • Log in using your username and password
  • The login screen appears upon successful login
  • If you can’t access the ITALKI login then see the Troubleshooting options here

Is italki worth the money?

The main advantage of italki is the opportunity to have one-on-one lessons with native speakers or experienced teachers. This personalized attention can greatly accelerate your language learning progress and provide valuable feedback. Additionally, italki offers a more flexible schedule, as you can choose the timing and frequency of your lessons according to your availability.

However, it’s important to consider the cost. italki lessons are typically not free, and the rates can vary depending on the teacher’s qualifications and the language being taught. It’s crucial to set a budget and determine how much you’re willing to invest in your language-learning journey.

To decide if italki is worth the money for you, consider your learning style and preferences. Do you enjoy one-on-one interactions and personalized attention? Are you committed to practicing regularly and making the most of the lessons? If so, italki can be a worthwhile investment.


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