is an online page where JetBlue cardholders who recently received a new JetBlue card visit to activate their card. Once you receive your new card, it’s expected that you activate it, because this will enable you to access the funds on the card when making purchases.

Are you a new JetBlue cardholder? This article offers a beginner-friendly credit card activation guide. Thus, you will learn different ways to activate your new card.

Activating your Barclays Jetblue Mastercard card is the first thing to do to start using and enjoying the Jet Blue Card rewards points. You have not gone through the activating process before? There are different ways you can activate your new credit card. They are

  • Online
  • Phone
  • Mobile app

These are three convenient ways to activate your new card so that you can start using it.

How to Activate JetBlue Mastercard Credit Card Online

To activate your Jetblue Barclays credit card online, follow the instructions below.

  • Go to Barclaycard’s website at
  • Click on the “Register to activate” link.
  • Tap on the “Register” widget
  • Fill in your personal data.
  • Enter your login information, including your contact information.
  • Choose the medium you would like to receive your statement-ready alerts.
  • Press to accept the terms and conditions.
  • Then, press the “Register” button. It will take you to the activation page.
  • Follow the onscreen directives to activate your card. You will be providing your card number.

These are steps for JetBlue Mastercard activation.

How to Activate Jetblue Credit Card Over the Phone

JetBlue cardholders can easily activate their JetBlue Mastercard by calling the JetBlue customer service activation phone number on the card. The customer care representative will walk you through all of the steps you need to officially begin using your card in your daily life.

Before you dial the number, make sure you have all of the information you will need handy, such as date of birth, last four digits of the card number, social security number, etc.

How to Activate JetBlue Mastercard Through an App

Do you want to use a mobile app to activate your JetBlue credit card? There’s a free app available for both iOS and Android that lets you activate your account with just a few taps of the screen. Follow the steps below to activate your new JetBlue card via the app;

  • Download the Barclays app from the App Store or Google Play.
  • Open the app once the download is finished.
  • Tap on the button that says “Activate Your Account.”

Just like the online activation process, you will need to enter the following: the last four digits of your social security number; date of birth; account number; security code; occupation. The moment you finish activating your card, proceed to set up your online banking credentials.

Jetblue Mastercard Sign Up

By creating a JetBlue Barclays Bank online access account, you can easily manage your credit card online. With this online access, cardholders can access their transaction history, track their transactions, view their card balance, pay their bills, and so on.

How To Sign Up For JetBlue Credit Card

If you don’t have a Barclay’s JetBlue Mastercard online access account, kindly follow the steps below to create one.

  • Visit Barclay’s bank website at
  • Press the log-in button.
  • Select cardmember login.
  • Click here to register for online access.
  • Enter the last 4 digits of your social security number.
  • Fill in your account number.
  • Please describe your current job.
  • Click the Continue button.

The above are steps for signing up for a JetBlue card.

 JetBlue Credit Card Login

Jetblue Barclay credit card login enables cardholders to manage their card online. You can use the JetBlue sign-in portal to do the following:

  • You can view their credit card information online.
  • Pay bills online.
  • Check Balance
  • Monitor transactions and more.

These are the advantages of signing up for a Barclays JetBlue credit card.

How To Login To JetBlue’s Mastercard Credit Card

For your Barclays Mastercard JetBlue login, do the following:

These are steps for JetBlue Card Login. You can proceed to view your transaction history, view your account balance, pay your bills, and so on.

Jetblue Credit Card Payment

Pay with your JetBlue credit card using a convenient and easy payment method. Barclay’s bank offers different ways you can make your Jetblue credit card payments. Cardholders can make their payment online, in-store, or by phone.

How To Make A Bill Payment With A JetBlue Credit Card Online

For online Jetblue credit card payments, do the following:

  • Go to to access the Barclays Jetblue website.
  • Press on the “Login” widget.
  • Click the “Cardmember Login” tab from the dropbox
  • Then, type in your username.
  • Fill in your password
  • Lastly, hit the “Login” widget.
  • Locate the Pay button on your account dashboard and click on it.

These are steps to paying your JetBlue Mastercard online.

To pay by phone, simply dial the JetBlue customer care phone number on the back of your card.

JetBlue Credit Card

The Jetblue Mastercard is issued by Barclays Bank. Credit card comes with lots of features and benefits.

  • Cardholders get rewards on eligible purchases.
  • No blackout dates.
  • Redeem points for any seat, any time on JetBlue-operated flights.
  • The number of points needed for an award flight will vary based on the published base fare at the time of booking.
  • Rewards points awarded to your TrueBlue account don’t expire.
  • You can redeem your points anytime.
  • You can earn and share TrueBlue JetBlue points together.
  • There’s $0 in fraud liability protection. This means you’re not responsible for unauthorised charges you report to the bank.

The above are benefits of the JetBlue Barclays card.

 Jetblue Credit Card Application

To enjoy the benefits that come with the Jet Blue Mastercard, you will need to apply first. To apply for a Barclay’s JetBlue Mastercard online, do this:

  • Go to to access the Barclays Bank website.
  • Press on the “Apply Now” widget.
  • On the application website, key in the form provided with personal information, your employment and financial details, your contact information, and your security details.
  • Next, press on “the box” to choose the Apple rewards you prefer.
  • Read the terms and conditions.
  • Then tap on the “box” to concur with the credit card terms and conditions.
  • Tap on the “Apply” widget

These are the steps for applying for a JetBlue Mastercard.

Jetblue Credit Card Customer Service

For more help and support, please contact Barclay’s MasterCard customer services. To get Barclay’s customer service phone number, do this:

  • Go to to continue.
  • Click on the Contact Us tab.

Commonly Asked Questions

Can I Activate My Jetblue Credit Card by Phone?

Yes, you can. Barclays Bank allows Jetblue card members to activate their new card by simply dialling the phone number on the card.

How Do I Pay My Jetblue Credit Card Bill?

You can pay your Jet Blue Mastercard bills online by visiting the official website at, visiting your nearest Barclays bank or downloading the Barclays app to pay your bills.


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