Speaking of JobNimbus Review at JobNimbus, they know you want to grow your business, but in order for your business to grow, you need all the moving parts working seamlessly together. They learned first-hand the importance of implementing systems and processes in order to scale.



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JobNimbus Review – What is JobNimbus?

JobNimbus can be defined as an automatic CRM software solution providing businesses with an easier and more manageable workflow. The software makes sure projects are assisted from start to end. It gives the users the ability to focus solely on the quality of the work of the project rather than on the technical and administrative tasks behind the process.

Their product includes, lead and contact tracking, collaborative task performance, email notifications, and storing files. Businesses with efficiency problems in their operations and their project monitoring greatly benefit from their software.

Benefits of JobNimbus

The following are the benefits of JobNimbus:

Client Transparency

They offer access to the project at the discretion of the manager. They also permit clients to give feedback midway in a project’s process, so the output can be modified before the product gets launched.


The project managers and task leaders are always enabling to create informed decisions as all tools for estimating, monitoring, and tracking are available 24/7.


The company has estimated features that spread up film-to-client interaction. Price ballooning is avoided.

Easy to use

The company is very easy to navigate and use. Users with no advanced IT knowledge can easily explore the dashboard as it has a clean and simple design.

Effective data analytics and reporting

Automated reporting ensures all data from projects will be demonstrated to the clients and the manager. The data from the projects are outsourced from the data given out by workers and by the software in real-time.

Features of JobNimbus

The following are the main features of JobNimbus:

  • They lead tracking
  • Tasks
  • Activity
  • Integrations
  • Business Reporting Desktop sync
  • Analytics
  • Estimating tools
  • Notes
  • Contact Management
  • They have customer support
  • Web access
  • Estimations
  • Scheduling

Price Plans

The following are JobNimbus pricing plans:

Free Trial: They don’t collect money in this offer. You can go for a free trial for 14 days.

Basic Plan: This basic plan is offered for $25 every month.

PRO: The users offer $35 per month. The key features such as the expansion to 10GB memory are provided to the client with the improved pricing scheme.

Advanced: The users offer $75 per month.

Advantages of JobNimbus

  • The support in customizing to fulfill their needs was great.
  • It is good for a small business
  • They help you to link with other programs make a seamless transition for business
  • It is very easy to train others and I like how 95% of the features this software has offers.

JobNimbus App

The mobile app is very important. The site might fail you, but with the app in hand, you can access any information. Tit help to get jobs, tasks, and other things.

You can log in through the app to access information. They offer 14 day free trial for users who just got the app. The app is very easy to operate. Further research can be done on Google.


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