Are you seeking a job you can apply to quickly? The Jobs on Facebook feature is created to aid Facebook users who seek jobs or want employees to apply for their job. On this Facebook feature, there are thousands of jobs that will be displayed near your location.

Jobs on Facebook

You don’t get to worry as Facebook automatically gets the job closer to you after you have allowed the location service on Facebook. There is more information about the Jobs on Facebook you can get from reading more on this article. So, read more to get other details and info about the Jobs on Facebook, and how you can search for jobs and apply for them on Facebook.


Jobs on Facebook

There are several jobs you can get on Facebook, and these jobs are jobs near your location. This is a feature added on the Facebook platform to assist Facebook users to advertise their job on the platform, and also aid job seekers applying to get jobs easily. It is easy and free to use, all required is a Facebook account and your eligibility towards the job displayed. There are over thousands of jobs you can get from the Jobs on a Facebook feature on Facebook.

Features of Jobs on Facebook

There are other features you can get on the Facebook Job. These features are added to make your job search or creation easy using this feature. Below are the features you can access these jobs:

  • Manage: This is the feature that allows you to check on your job applications and jobs posted or published by you. You can edit (remove or adjust) the job application you’ve applied from. If you have posted a job, then you can edit the job post from this menu. This feature also allows you to create a job on the Jobs on Facebook for others to apply.
  • Create Job: The create job feature as the name implies is a direct means through which you can create a job on Facebook. On this menu, you are to describe the job you are creating, photo, location, salary, and other job-related preferences.
  • You: This feature allows you to find a job that suits you better. On this menu, you are to add some of your work experience, high school, and college, and then review your edits. With this saved work history, you can get local jobs near you that match your experiences and preference.
  • Your Jobs: On this menu, you can access your saved jobs or applied jobs.
  • Settings: You can make and edit the job titles you want to be listed among the job lists, and also allow notification of jobs on your lists.

How to Search for Jobs on Facebook | Search Jobs On Facebook

Now, you should get to know how you can search for jobs near your location on Facebook. It is easy and takes just a few seconds to get done with. Below are the steps needed for the job search on Facebook.

  • Launch the Facebook app.
  • Sign in to your Facebook account.
  • Tap on the menu icon.
  • From the features after the profile icon, scroll and tap on “Jobs”.
  • Make sure Facebook has access to your device location.
  • A pop-up message will display asking “What job title are you looking for?”
  • You can add the job title you desire to your list by tapping on the + icon on the title front.
  • You can also add any job title you don’t see on the pop-up list.
  • Just tap on the “+ Add Title” at the bottom.
  • Fill in the job title on the search bar, and related results will display.
  • Tap on it to add to your lists.
  • Then click on “Save” at the bottom of the pop-up page.

Then, you will be shown a list of different jobs with the related job titles you have added to your list displayed on the page. You can tap on any of the jobs you see from the lists. Check on the job information and description and also see your eligibility for that job, then tap on “Apply Now” to proceed to the job application.


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