JoinPD is an amazing online platform that provides tools to join online presentations by teachers. Teachers on the Pear Deck platform can create a presentation by signing in to their joinPD account and sharing the joinPD code with all the students in their different locations.


However, the platform allows teachers and students to take virtual classes online. Are you a student or a teacher who doesn’t know how to join the Pear Deck platform? If so, this content will guide you through.


JoinPD is an active software providing educational facilities like creating presentations for teachers as well as students. Currently, the teaching methodology has also changed. This new technology brings a total new change in learning and teaching programs.

Pear Deck (PD) is a means for teachers to make their teaching powerful and effective for their students. And, during physical classes, the teacher may face many ambiguities and difficulties exploring new things during the lecture.

This online teaching tool helps teachers overcome difficulties and engage students, making learning powerful. The platform helps to increase interactive learning remotely. With this tool, teachers can check the ability of the students through different question-and-answer sessions.

Pear Deck Features

Pear Deck features include the following:

Content Availability: On the Pear Deck online portal, teachers make a presentation and also upload videos for pupils. Thus, if the teacher wants to build a lesson on a new topic, he will need templates to prepare a presentation.

Videos: Pear Deck provides the complete video guide for educators to use its features. However, there are lots of tip videos presented on the pear deck for educators, like how to set up a pear deck account, how to make scratch from the pear deck, add questions to an existing presentation, use the slide library, manage students, and provide students with notes, etc.

Training: Pear Deck provides a training session for both new and previous educators’ participants. The online training is for teachers and administrators.

Active learning: PD fully supports active learning when pupils participate in the learning process like class discussion and practice. The Pear Deck engages the pupils through different activities. is a subsection of that helps students join interactive presentations that are being created by their teachers using code or links. The code for the lesson is given through email or text. So, for a student to join, you will have to create an account on Peak Deck to join the online presentation. However, to join the online class, students will need a Microsoft account or a Google account. This is so because pear Deck is integrated with Google Slides.

However, students Join via Pear Deck as JoinPD is a subdomain on or redirects users to Students can log in and sign in with a five-character code shared with them by their teachers to join the pear deck presentation. To join the virtual classes online, use a browser like Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.

How to Join the Pear Deck Presentation with a JoinPD Code

For students to join a pear deck class section, shared by their teachers. The students need to have a Microsoft account or Google account to join the presentation, while the teacher needs to enable the settings, or the students can join without using an avatar or a username. Follow the guide below to join PD;

  • Get the code for the pear deck presentation. Please visit the JoinPd website at or
  • Fill in the 5-characters if the join code is in the space.
  • Then, wait for the pear deck session to open.

If the teacher uses the required sign-in with email, you will sign in automatically or be logged in with your email account. Or not. Join anonymously without email. Or you can create a login username and avatar for your presence in the session.

How to Join Pear Deck Using a link

Using a link to join the pear deck is very fast and easy. Moreover, you do not need to enter a code like on; rather, it’s just to click on a link.

To get started, do the following:

  • Check your email or message to see the link your teachers shared.
  • Tap on the join link to enter the virtual classes.
  • The pear deck session will automatically open in your default browser.

After joining the session, you will see the presentation slides and begin the class with the others.

How To JoinPd Using Email/anonymously

To enrol in Pear Deck online classes via email or anonymously, click here. If a teacher wants students to log in anonymously to the pear deck session, the teacher will have to let the students join with the teacher’s allowed setting.

So, to sign in anonymously, the teacher will get to the settings and allow students to log in on or off. And with this, the students can join without filling in a code on or by just using the link. Students will join the online class using an avatar and a nickname. However, on the other end, the teacher will see the prompts at the button that shows that you are joining with avatars and nicknames.

To use email: The teacher has to enable the students to join the pear deck sessions with their email addresses. After enabling the email session, students must choose their email account when they have entered the join code at or tap on the link for the pear deck class session.

How to Visit pear deck log-in website

To access the Peardeck log-in portal, do the following;

  • Progress to the Pear Deck website at
  • Input the 5- digit code in the session on
  • Click on the Enter button to access the portal.

What is Peardeck?

Peardeck is an online learning platform, designed for both students and teachers. The learning platform makes learning more easier for students.


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