As part of the upcoming Jumia Black Friday, each day, one lucky winner or customer has a chance to find and win a Treasure Hunt deal. It is a chance you wouldn’t like to miss out. It gives you great offers that you’d never see on the platform.

Jumia Black Friday Treasure Hunt

In this article, I will be telling you all you need to know about this. However, we will start by knowing the meaning of Treasure Hunt in Jumia. Then the tips you would need to participate and win the Hunt.

Jumia Black Friday Treasure Hunt

It is a deeply discounted product that is hidden across the Jumia website. Once found, it can be instantly purchased by the customer who finds the item. The customer gives 99% off the product. isn’t that interesting?

This is an opportunity you would not like to miss out on. If you’re smart and on time, you would be the next lucky winner of the items that will be placed on the hunt. Now, let’s have a look at the tips you would need to participate and probably win.

Tips on how to Spot Treasure Hunt items on Jumia Black Friday

Here are tips to follow to spot and bag a treasure Hunt item on Jumia Black Friday;

  • The items are announced on all Jumia social media handles. Also, it’s best you follow their social handles to be the first to know.
  • Keep in mind there is only one item available for each Treasure Hunt product that is announced.
  • Treasure Hunt items can be hidden anywhere across the Jumia website and app.
  • You must search thoroughly across all shopping categories to find it if you really want to win. For instance, an iPhone X treasure hunt might be hidden in the diaper section. So you have to search thoroughly.
  • However, have in mind that finding the product is not enough, you need to quick place an order for it and make sure you get order confirmation. Do this before tweeting about it. Because it is all about the fastest fingers first!
  • Jumia affiliates are not allowed to participate in the hunt.
  • There will be items hidden across the Jumia website every day until the end of the Black Friday Deals.

Stay awake, Hunt, be lucky, and win big.


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