JUPEB registration 2021 is here again! Are you having problems with university admissions in Nigeria? If you are then you are lucky. I have a solution for you, just the solution! Gaining admission to the tertiary education sector in Nigeria is not always easy.

JUPEB Registration 2021 - JUPEB School Fees | How To Register For JUPEB 2021

One of the notable problems is that the numbers of admission slots are actually fewer. This is fewer than the number of students vying for admission into these institutions.

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JUPEB Registration 2021

The issue of gaining admission into t tertiary institutions has always been there. The government has been doing little to nothing to combat these issues. But in recent years. The government has come up with various platforms to directly combat the issue. And one of these platforms is the JUPEB platform.

You must have heard of this platform. This platform is a very popular one among Nigerian students. And admission seekers. Most Nigerian students have gotten admission into various tertiary institutions all over the nation through this platform.


If this is your first time hearing or coming across this platform, do you know what it is? JUPEB stands for joint universities’ preliminary examinations board. This program is an A-level educational program. And it allows viable candidates to get direct admission into Nigerian universities and universities abroad that are partnered.

The minimum duration of the program is one academic session with two semesters. As a candidate, you will receive a certificate upon completion of the course.

Eligibility Criteria’s

To be able to apply for this program, you need to be in possession of the following;

  • You must have a minimum of 5 credits in 5 subjects in your O’Level certificate. This is including English language and mathematics in not more than two sittings.
  • You must take twelve courses during your time in the program. Six per semester and a general studies course.
  • As a candidate, you must register, sit for the exams. And you must convince the board in three major subjects including a general studies course. In relation to the proposed course in any of the universities.
  • Each subject will be broken into four courses, two per semester by the candidate. The results of all courses will be merged at the end of the second semester. This is to obtain the grade of the candidate in a particular subject.

These are what you should expect when you apply for this program.

How to Register

Registration on this platform is done on the official platform of JUPEB. Visit this portal here https://www.jupeb.org.ng/register.php. To register follow the steps below;

  • On the registration page, fill in your details. This will generate a payment invoice and number.
  • You will be required to pay a registration fee that is non-refundable of fifteen thousand two hundred and fifty nairas.
  • You will need to validate your payment by clicking on payment validation.
  • Once your payment has been confirmed. You will need to click on the registration form to begin the registration process.
  • Once the registration is done you will need to print out your application slip. Present it to the chosen study center for clearance.

Registration on the website is to an affiliated study center and not to any university campus.

JUPEB School Fees

The breakdown of the school fees of this program are;

  • Registration fee; 15,000 naira (250 naira bank charges).
  • Clearance fee; 20, 000 naira.
  • Tuition and examination fee; 140, 000 naira.
  • Laboratory fee; 10, 000 naira for science students.
  • Textbooks and past question papers (optional); 15, 000 naira.
  • Hostel accommodation (optional); 30, 000 – 70, 000 naira.
  • Result collection; 2,000.

These are the fees. You can also apply for this program on other platforms. The application deadline is Monday, March 2020.


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