Kelly Insurance Survey- Get peace of mind for your boat with your annual insurance renewal. However, when you invest in a boat you will need insurance and your premium will need updating every 5 years.Kelly Insurance Survey

Just like getting wet, insurance is one of those facts of life that are unavoidable. And you don’t want to take the risk of going without on what is probably your second-largest investment ever.

Most insurers require that your boat be out of the water and inspected by a qualified Marine Surveyor. Which is where Kelly comes in.

Kelly Insurance Survey

Kelly specializes in surveying Yachts and Small Crafts. Here, multiple surveys can be arranged on the same day in the boatyard to save on costs.

And your boat will need to be out of the water. Kelly does not climb masts, fix engines or offer measurement certs. Read on to learn how to book a pre-survey call with Kelly in the section below.

How to Book a Pre-Survey Call

To book a pre-survey call, do the following;

These are the steps to book pre Kelly Survey call

How to Download Kelly Survey Contract Online

To download the Kelly Marine Survey contract online, do the following

Follow the onscreen directives to download the contract.

What you get with an Insurance Survey

Kelly insurance survey provides you with a full report that will satisfy Insurance companies. However, the survey will cover the following;

  • The structural integrity of the underside.
  • Anything that impacts major safety issues.
  • High-Risk areas like hull fittings, fuel, ventilation, exhaust, and steering.
  • Suitability for its intended use.
  • Secondary defects will be reported.
  • Offers recommendations made for fixes.
  • Get advice on non-standard installations.

These are what you get with an insurance survey.

What you get from a Marine Survey

From Kelly Marine Survey you will enjoy the following;

  • Get an up-to-date picture of your boat’s condition.
  • Obtain a realistic financial appraisal of your vessel.
  • Check that your boat is fit for its intended purpose.
  • Make sure your boat is completely safe.
  • Verify that your boat has no hard-to-detect issues like Osmosis.
  • Plan on how to steer clear of future problems.

These are what you get from the marine Survey.

What experience can Kelly share with you?

Kelly shares his experience as

  • Registered member of the International Institute of Marine Surveyors.
  • Offshore Yachtmaster.
  • ISA Advanced Powerboat Instructor
  • VHF SRC Radio Operator.
  • Swift Water Rescue Technician.
  • Advanced Open Water Diver.
  • Ship and Port Firefighter.
  • Registered Paramedic.
  • Level 2 Kayaker.
  • Manual Handling.

By coming in contact with Kelly you have a lot to learn from his experience.

Kelly Insurance Survey Contact/Phone Number

To get Kelly Survey’s phone number online, do the following

These are the steps to get Kelly Survey’s phone number.



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