Applications for the Kigoma Joint Program on Agriculture 2024 are open. The Kigoma Joint Program on Agriculture 2024 is a collaborative initiative aimed at scaling up access to finance in the Kigoma Region.

The Kigoma Joint Program on Agriculture 2024 is a collaborative initiative aimed at scaling up access to finance in the Kigoma Region.

‘: Scaling Up Access to Finance in the Kigoma Region

The Kigoma region of Tanzania, which also happens to be the location that houses the majority of the nation’s refugees, has seen a relative rise in poverty. The Kigoma Joint Program, an area-based UN collaborative initiative that spans several sectors to enhance development and human security in Kigoma, was introduced in September 2017.

The UN’s current response to refugees and migrants is linked to a greater emphasis on strengthening the host communities, thereby supporting the humanitarian-development nexus. Sustainable energy and the environment are two of the six areas in which the sixteen participating UN agencies are collaborating. For instance, violence against women and children, education with an emphasis on girls and teenage girls, and youth and women’s economic empowerment

Under the KJP’s agricultural theme, UNCDF collaborates with WFP, FAO, ITC, UN Women, and ILO to strengthen smallholder farmers’ capacities in order to boost farm income and aid in the battle against climate change’s effects. Additionally, farmers will learn more about managing crops after harvest and how to get financing and markets for their products. This will help the agricultural sector in the area grow and eventually create more opportunities, which will lower poverty and vulnerability.

The program seeks to address the challenges faced by farmers in the region, such as limited access to credit and low agricultural productivity due to inadequate resources. Through this program, stakeholders in the Kigoma region are partnering to provide financial support to farmers and improve their access to financial services. The program is expected to have a significant impact on the livelihoods of farmers and contribute to the economic growth of the region.

Program Details

The program launched Phase II of the KJP (2022–2027). UNCDF hopes to provide 15,000 smallholder farmers with access to financing for input needs and goods to lower post-harvest losses as part of program interventions. UNCDF aims to help smallholder farmers realize their potential with higher yields, better-quality goods, and market access through stronger savings groups and e-extension advice services integrated with financial and digital literacy education.

In order to accomplish this, UNCDF will collaborate with regional implementing partners and businesses in the private sector to offer packaged services, such as input and financing access.


The winning applicant will receive a grant from UNCDF, which will be provided through a performance-based agreement (PBA) with UNCDF.


  • The United Republic of Tanzania, notably the Kigoma region, is the geographic scope of the intervention. Applicants must be registered and active in Tanzania in order to be eligible.


Make use of these online investment channels to submit your proposal. Submissions made by other means—either electronic or non-electronic—or utilizing different templates won’t be accepted.

Application Deadline: November 12, 2023


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