Looking for an Online Shopping site in Nigeria? Konga.com is actually among one of the best ones to use. When it comes to eCommerce in Nigeria, Konga is one of the three biggest. You can get almost anything you want on the site easily. It is being used by plenty of Nigerian individuals for shopping for almost anything on the platform.

Also, Konga.com is simple and quite fast to use. The homepage has a very easy-to-understand and use interface, that makes it easier for people to navigate through the site to find what they wish to purchase. Now, let’s find out more about Konga.com.



Konga.com is a Nigerian e-commerce company founded in July 2012 and has its headquarters in Gbagada, Lagos State. The site or store offers a third-party online marketplace as well as first-party direct retail spanning various categories.

They ship and deliver packages for individuals nationwide. There is a mobile app that is available for Android and iOS devices. And also the application is free and easy to download, has an almost similar interface as the site, but offers better and faster navigation.

Konga.com just like every online shopping site has its own category where you can purchase from. Also, a search feature that allows you to easier find the item you wish to purchase on the site. Now, let’s talk about the services that are on Konga.

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Types of Konga.com Services

The services on Konga are;

  • KongaPay.
  • Konga Express.
  • Konga Marketplace.
  • Konga Self Fulfill Model.


This service was launched as a pilot product in a partnership with Nigeria Commercial Banks in 2015. KongaPay was made to work for customers only with the platform. With KongaPay, customers receive an authorization code that is secured and registered to the mobile number on the site.

Konga Express

Konga Express was introduced to make online integration very effective and easy. It is focused on selling products to reach the buyer with every available means. Customers can track their shipments on the platform.

Konga Marketplace

The Marketplace in Konga allows sellers to be involved from any part of the country. Amazing products have been discovered and massive sales are made daily through the Konga Marketplace.

Konga Self Fulfill Model

This service is a major upgrade in the Marketplace offer on the platform. It has made it possible for its merchants to have great shipping agreements negotiated by Konga with reputable courier partners.

Now, we know about the types of services that are offered on Konga.com, let’s talk about the categories on the platform.

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Categories On Konga.com

On the Konga platform, you will find different items or products to purchase from and they are categorized into;

  • Computers and Accessories.
  • Phones and Tablets.
  • Electronics.
  • Konga Fashion.
  • Home and Kitchen.
  • Bady, Kids, and Toys.
  • Wines.
  • Beauty, Health & Personal Care.
  • Sports and Fitness.
  • Books & Media Library.
  • Office & School Supplies.
  • Generators & Power Solutions.
  • Automotives.
  • Building & Industrial.
  • Groceries.

Above are the categories you can select from when shopping on the online platform.

Konga.com Search

The search is a feature on the platform that allows you to find a product or an item faster and easier. Yes, there are categories you can use to find what you want, but the search features make it faster and better to find. In the search engine, all you have to do is to type in the name of the product or items you want to purchase. This feature is available on the site and application.

Konga App

The Konga app can be used regardless of the phone that you are. That is to say, it is compatible with any device, and also it is free to install. With the Konga app, you can shop from anywhere and at a time with just a tap on the product or item you want. To use the app on your smartphone, of course, you have to download it.

How To Download Konga App

Konga app is free on the App Store of the device you’re using. All you have to do is to open the Application Store on your phone and enter Konga. A list of apps relating to the Konga term will be displayed, then tap on the first one. The download page of the app will be loaded on the next page, tap on “Install” to get it.

Selling On Konga And Why Use Konga

Selling on the Konga.com platform is very effective and great to use. You reach millions of buyers in every state in Nigeria easily. All you have to do is to register on the program. Why Sell on Konga? Konga.com is great to use, here’s why;

  • It is one of the largest online shopping sites in Nigeria, so that means you will earn more money selling on the platform.
  • Communication is easier. You can interact with buyers.
  • The platform commission fees are low..
  • Konga support is available 24/7.
  • Safe in control of your business.
  • com is safe and secure for you to use in selling your products or items.

The above are just a few because there is more.

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How To Order On Konga

Ordering or making a product or item purchase on the platform is simple and quite fast to do. To do that, follow the instructions to order your first product from Konga.com;

  • Visit the site at konga.com or open the app.
  • Use the categories options and find your choice of product. Or use the search box and enter the name of the item you want to get from the site.
  • Then “Add to Cart” by hitting on the option.
  • Go to your Cart and hit on “Proceed to Checkout”.
  • Then login or simply create an account. The account creation process is simple. After the account is created or logged in, you will be redirected to the Checkout page.
  • Select a payment method you’d like to use. Actually, the “Pay Now” is selected by default and your card details are needed. If you wish to pay when the product reaches you, hit on “Pay On Delivery”.
  • Then select “Place Order” to complete.

After you have placed the order, an email will be sent to you to confirm the order.

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