Are you interested in getting Korean Only Apps? Or maybe you just moved to Korea and are still yet to figure out the best apps to install on your phone? Well, in this guide of Korean Only Apps, I will be sharing with you a list of some of the best Korean apps that you can use.


Keep in mind that, these apps are free, simple, and quick to get. Also, some of the apps might require payment, however not without giving you a good glance at the apps and how it works. Most of the payment options on these apps are optional, so you can decide to use it for free or subscribe to premium. Let’s dive in.

Korean Only Apps

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Korean Only Apps

Korea is one place that is actually known for its fast internet. It is the birthplace of Samsung and LG, also some great apps. When you’re in Korean, you can install lots of Korean apps on your smartphone to use.

Some of these Korean Only Apps make life easier and simpler for you due to their great features and use. Now, keep in mind that most of these apps are only in Hangul, which is the Korean alphabet.

You can also use some of these apps even if you are not in Korean. To use, you don’t need to learn the Korean language, however, knowing some of the basics will be helpful.

Top Korean Apps to Use

Here’s a list of some of the top Korean apps that you can use;


KakaoTalk is a very popular app that is being used by Korean and anyone worldwide. One of the major reasons you should get this app installed on your phone is its group catting feature. The feature can be used by many classes and clubs.

Using KakaoTalk on your smartphone, you can join group chats and meet new people. It can be used for sending pictures and videos. Also, it is extremely easy to use with its camera functionality.

You can download this app to your phone, tell your friends and family far and near to get it also. Then make simple calls, share images, videos, and also your location. It is free to get,

Naver Dictionary

Now, this is actually one of the best Korean dictionaries app that you can use there. Naver dictionary gives you accurate translations and uses simple Korean words to make it easy. And it will show multiple meanings of words alongside Hanja.

Naver comes in very handily for your use. When you come across a Korean word that you seem not to know, you can make use of the dictionary app. It is free for anyone to download and use.


This app is basically not a Korean app, but quite highly used in Korean. In order words, Memrise is very useful if you are in Korea. The app lets you learn new vocabulary easily while you’re doing other things.

Anki is yet another great app to use in place of this, but Memrise is quite easier to use on phones. You can use this app to learn useful and helpful Korean phrases and then add them to your list of vocabulary.

Seoul Bus

Seoul Bus makes it easy for you to get a bus around Seoul. With the app installed on your smartphone, you get to easily find stops near your location or others. There are plenty of bus apps that you can easily download and install from the app store, but Seoul is actually one of the best ones to use.


Feeling lazy to cook or go out to get food? Then Yogiyo will definitely serve that purpose for you. Yogiyo is an app for ordering food with just a few clicks. On the app, restaurants are divided into categories such as Chicken, Chinese pizza, and others.

When ordering with the app, you can choose your method of payment and make a review of the service if you want. Yogiyo is one of the best food ordering apps to use in Korea.


Definitely not a Korean app, but free useful for talking or communicate with friends and family around the world. Skype works as fine on smartphones as it does on computers or desktops. With Skype, you can message or call your loved ones anywhere in the world.


Do you need an app for navigating the subway? Jihachul is one such app to use. It is actually one of the best ones to use. If you are new to Korea, you can probably start by downloading and installing Jihachul app on your smartphone first.

What Korean app instead of Google?

There are several Korean apps that can be used instead of Google apps, depending on what you need. Here are a few examples:

1. KakaoMap/Naver Map: These are popular navigation apps in Korea that can be used instead of Google Maps.

2. Memrise: This language-learning app can be used instead of Google Translate for learning Korean.

3. Memebox: This is a popular beauty app in Korea that can be used instead of Google for finding Korean beauty products and tips.

4. Toss: This is a popular mobile payment app in Korea that can be used instead of Google’s payment system.

It’s worth noting that these apps may not be available in all regions and may not have the same functionality as Google’s apps. However, they can be good alternatives for users who prefer to use Korean apps or who want to support Korean companies.

What app is Korean most using?

The most popular messaging app in Korea is KakaoTalk. It is widely used for calls, texts, videos, and photos, and has over 150 million users worldwide. Kakao also offers other services such as KakaoMap, a navigation app; KakaoPay, a mobile payment app; and KakaoStory, a social media platform similar to Instagram.


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