Have you heard of Lagos matchmaker? Have you partaken in any form of online dating before? If you don’t have a positive answer to any of the questions asked, then you need to read this article. However it just might be that you have heard or tried online dating before, but you haven’t heard of the Lagos matchmaker platform.

The Lagos matchmaker platform is an online dating platform. Well, this platform may not be your traditional dating platform, but it just may have well made the cut. Online dating has grown to be so popular over the years. And since we are now living in a digital world, online dating might just be your best chance of finding love. And if you are a Lagosian in Nigeria or you live outside Nigeria, the Lagos matchmaker is here for you.

Lagos Matchmaker

Lagos Matchmaker

What is the Lagos matchmaker platform? The Lagos matchmaker platform is an online dating platform, yes. This platform according to the developers is a privacy-focused matchmaking platform. This platform is not made for everyone rather the platform and all its resources are made for educated singles above the age of 25. Also, this platform covers areas in Nigeria and outside Nigeria.

This platform is a very unique platform in the sense that it is made for educated persons. The idea behind this platform is very intelligent. It is no surprise that sometimes, your work might be taking a lot of your time that you may not even have time for your social life. Your social life here in the sense that you will not be able to date or go out to social gatherings or live the life you really want.

Matchmakers are popular persons. Many people all over the world have contacted matchmakers at a point in their lives. Now, what do these matchmakers do? Matchmakers help you connect to your desired date.

There are lots of online matchmaker’s platforms and the Lagos matchmaker platform is one of them. This platform offers what real-life matchmakers offer. Continue reading to find out more about how you can access the platform and make use of it.

Lagos Matchmaker Membership Levels

There are four membership levels on this platform and they are;

  • Regular member.
  • Pre elite member.
  • Elite member.
  • And VIP member.

In order to make use of the platform and all its resources, you will need to choose or select a membership plan and then join or subscribe to it. The regular membership costs N4, 500 monthly. And this plan will offer you matches. The pre-elite membership costs N15, 000 monthly and you are assured matches in total.

Elite membership on the other hand costs N95, 000. You will get 4 matches with this plan and it will be completed in a month. Lastly, there is the VIP membership plan. To subscribe to this plan you will need to contact the platform itself about the availability of slots. To contact the platform about the VIP membership plan, visit Here.

Matchmaker Registration And Login

Just as I have mentioned already in this article. Lagos matchmaker is a unique like never been seen before platform. It does not function as or like your regular online dating platform. This platform is different.

To register to the platform, you will be provided with a mobile phone number with which you can contact via WhatsApp or any other means of connection. When you contact a representative from this platform, you will be made to choose or select a plan and then you will also be directed on what to do and how to go about meeting your matches.


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