Layer Slider is one of the best layer for image slider plugin. To create responsive slider with image, and text layer and so much more. It is also a premium and a multi-purpose animation platform that slideshows image galleries and with the mind blowing effects, gorgeously animated landing pages and page blocks. A full websites can be created using Layer Slider and every website can also benefit from the capabilities of this plugin.


Basic Features of Layer Slider

Layer Slider has a lot of basic features you can use for your WordPress account. We have the;

  • Text custom settings in slideshow option
  • Image layer custom settings in slider option
  • 9 animation effects settings in slider option
  • Create unlimited slider
  • Background image option for each slide
  • Multiple text layer slider
  • Layer slider is a responsive slider
  • Single image layer

These are the basic features and if you face any error when using the slideshows you can kindly contact their Bee plugins and they will assist you in anything you find it difficult to do or understand.

Pro Version Features

With this Layer slider Pro version, they are also lot of features you can use for your WordPress account. We have the;

  • Layer slider custom css
  • 1 year support and updates
  • Use layer slider on unlimited domains
  • Individual animation for each image and text layer
  • Unlimited image layer for each slider
  • Easing effect for text layer
  • Text layer setting for each layer
  • Easing effect for image layer
  • Image layer setting for each slider

Layer slider pro version has a lot of advantage you can use for your WordPress account. They are;

  • Mobile responsive; Layer slider is mobile responsive that helps you so you can spend less time worrying about how people are searching your site and more about what they will discover.
  • Customizable; this helps to customize slideshow style as per your WordPress theme and it allows you to create your plugin precisely the way you’d like it. You can also select slider and adjust colors, background design, borders and edges, and lots more and look for the one that suite your site.
  • Customer support; this customer support team is made up of top notch people and there is also a great email support available anytime. Layer slider is always there to help you.

And this is a high quality image layer and content for your WordPress account and is with smooth animations and transitions.

Steps on how to Create Slider Using Layer Slider Plugins

Creating slider for your WordPress account is very easy all you need to do is to;

  • Install the slider plugin
  • Then you click on Bee sliderds menu
  • Add new slider
  • Then you add your slider title.

Steps on how to Create Image Layer

These steps are very easy if you want to do this you will have to;

  • Select your slider layer type image
  • Select your slide background image
  • Just Select your slide image
  • Select your slide image in animation and animation
  • Then you define animation delay with multiples of 100’s
  • You will have to define your image top and left position with multiple of 100’s

Steps on how to Create Text Layer

This steps are very easy all you just got need to do is to follow the steps that guides you carefully. And the you;

  • Select your slide layer and type text
  • Then you will have to type your text
  • And you select your slide text in animation and out animation
  • You will now define animation delay with multiples of 100’s
  • Define your text top and left position with multiples of 100’s


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