Legit Sites For Getting Real-Time Information? If you’re looking for legitimate websites, where you can get real-time info, you’re in the right place. Is one thing to search for data online and it’s another thing to get the right information or answer.

Legit Sites For Getting Real-Time Information

Legit Sites For Getting Real-Time Information

Moreover, it’s fun to search for information on your Twitter or Instagram feed to see the latest trends, but sometimes curiosity takes you somewhere else. There are amazing sites for accessing internet activities around the world. Thus, this article will help you with a list of the legit platforms to get information online.

Lists of Best Legit Sites For Getting Real-Time Information     

Here are seven legitimate websites to get real-time data

Google Trends Visualizer

Google trends visualize is a well known and amazing tool used to get trending search topics. The attached visualize enables users to access searches as they happen in real-time. However, don’t expect to see all searches at once; you get to see the trending searches, I believe that should be ok for you.

Wikipedia Vision

Another amazing website to source real-time information is Wikipedia vision. Wikipedia platform can be edited by anyone, but Wikipedia vision tracks edit left by anonymous users and show them on a map as they happen. However, these include links to the corresponding Wikipedia page.

Users can review chart info about edits happening within the last 24 hours, including the snapshot of the most recent edits.


Tweeplers is used to observe trends on Twitter in real-time. The Tweeplers map provides a closer look at whole world tweets, it comes with a heat map of all the recent tweets coming trooping in across the globe.

The Pirate Cinema

Pirate cinema is a website that features the visual presentations of the internet’s most torrented movies.  Thus, the platform takes pirates bay’s top 100 videos and brings together clips from BitTorrent files exchanged in real-time. So, to get information from pirate Cinema, kindly visit their official website.

GIF Hell

GIF Hell website provides you with real-time trending updates of the most popular GIFs being shared at a given moment. The site helps to track the number of Twitter shares a GIF gets in a short period of time and upload them on the platform popular tab.

However, users can also search through the most shared GIFs or check out the fire hose button to know if GIFs are being tweeted in real-time.

Emoji Tracker

An emoji is a popular tool used in passing messages across. The emoji tracker works on Twitter, providing you with emojis and the number of times it was tweeted. Thus, the data updates live, that is providing the raw view of the most common emojis.

Internet Live Stats

Internet live stats is another amazing site. It provides you with the exact number of internet users, sites currently online and activities increase in real-time.

However, the platform offers the number of tweets published, emails sent and Google searches available in a given day.

How TO Extract Real-Time Information From Websites

You can do web scraping to get real-time info from sites. Wap scraping is one of the most amazing tactics used to obtain info from www. It gathers particular data from sites and sends it to another database or spreadsheet using a bot. the quality the higher speed of the web crawler, the more effective real-time web scraping will be.

However, there are several tools you can use for web scrapings like ms Excel, content bomb, juggernaut and octparse.


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