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Like us on Facebook is simply clicking “LIKE”. This can be done at the bottom of peoples post simply means you are letting the people that own the content of the post that you loved it even without a comment they will still recognize it.

Like us on Facebook

The Facebook “LIKE” button

The like button means a feature in Facebook that users click on as a recognition that shows you loved the photos, videos, status updates, links shared by your friends or relative, and the advertisement or any posted content.

The Like button was activated firstly on February 9, 2009. The moment you click the Like button the content will show in the news feeds of that content owner that a friend has liked the content. The Like button will still show the number of people that have liked the content.

Later, due to the pressure of adding a dislike button from the public to the owner of Facebook, five option was added to the Like button. It works when you place your finger on the Like button for a long time, then the five options will appear.

This option is created for people to express how they feel about the posted content, the options will appear in an emoji’s form, these are the option (Love, Ha-ha, Wow, Sad, and Angry). You are free to choose the one you desire.

How to get likes on Facebook

Below are tips on how to get likes on Facebook;

  • post important content.
  • Create a Facebook page that can be reached easily.
  • Create a marketing strategy for a smart Facebook
  • Post-high-resolution content.
  • Create a smart and great Facebook page.
  • Engage with communities or other Facebook brands.
  • Be active always at the rightful time

With the above guidelines, you can easily get a Facebook like.

Meaning of the Like symbols | Like us on Facebook Signs

Facebook shows its emojis to those that are using the Facebook website. Facebook app is available for only i0s, but android uses normal emojis images and not Facebook emojis. It does not mean that the shown emojis stand for a particular meaning, one emoji can express so many emotions or characters.

Other emojis reactions of Facebook and their meanings are listed below:

The Love emojis

The Love emoji carries ten different colours and each colour has its own meaning.

  • The red heart emoji means the strong feeling, passion, unconditional love that you have for a person or something.
  • The orange heart emoji: when you want to send a red heart and you don’t have the courage of sending it because it is in a specific situation that you guys happen to be lovers.
  • The yellow heart emoji: is a relationship or friendship that makes you happy and always gives you joy, whenever you want to send a compliment, you can use the yellow heart emoji.
  • The green heart: we all know that green stands for harmony, agriculture or nature. It still signified a jealous mood.
  • The blue heart emoji: is an emoji that is sent to people that has wisdom, trust-worthy, among our relations and friends.
  • Purple or violent heart emoji: when sending this emoji, you actually tell the person that you shy free.
  • The black heart emoji: if you want to share sorrowful or painful news you can use the black heart emoji. It is used to embarrass someone or to make rebellion.


It means you enjoy the content.

  • Ha-ha: it is an expression of fun, laughter, joy and happiness.
  • Yay: smiling mood.
  • Wow: it is used to express something wonderful, surprise, something you never think of.
  • Sad: it is used to express pain, the time you are weeping when you are unhappy.
  • Angry: to express when you are annoyed, angry, or vexed.

Above is the list of emojis you can also use on Facebook.

How to view your Facebook like

Below are tips to view your Facebook like;

  • Tap pages in the left menu of the news feed.
  • Enter your Facebook page.
  • In the left column, click setting.
  • In the left column, click people pages and other pages.

Above are the steps to viewing your Facebook like. The like button is important as it tends to help show one’s feelings. You can start using yours today.

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