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Litecoin is a cryptocurrency that that runs a peer-peer technology. It was founded in 2011, which is two years after bitcoin, by Charlie Lee, a former Google engineer. The Litecoin company sees their crypto as a powerful, political, and economic tool that anyone can use anywhere, without permission to transact with others and also take part in a genuinely global economy.

However, with this crypto, you can easily buy LTC with your credit/debit card. Get news update about the cryptocurrency on you’re their official page. You can get the LTC wallet available on the app store to enjoy fastness, simplicity while using the platform.



LTC is decentralized money, that is free from censorship and open to all. You can send low cost private secure, borderless payments to anyone, anywhere at any time.  However, Litecoin has the largest global crypto-based blockchain network. It runs with 100% uptime since 2011 securing and try casting billions of dollars of value.

Also, there’s no approval needed to join the new age of money. You can download your free wallet to kick-off

 Litecoin Wallet

LTC wallet is a mobile app designed for storing LTC, that can be used in purchasing LTC, send and also receive crypto. The wallet is available on the play store. To get the wallet on your device, do the following

  • Navigate to the play store
  • Enter “Litecoin wallet” on the search engine
  • It will take you to the result page, click on the wallet app. Usually, it is the first app that appears on the result page.
  • Select the “Install” widget
  • It will begin to download, afterwards, it will be installed automatically. Just ensure you have enough memory space on your device

You can now launch the app, fund your account, buy LTC, send or receive LTC.

Litecoin Price

To Find out the LTC price today, you can do that through the price chart or by visiting their official page. On their main page, you will see the LTC price displayed on the screen. The price of LTC as of today is $356.88.

Just like other cryptocurrencies, the LTC price varies. There is no fixed price, it goes up and down, depending on the demand. When there is a high demand it goes up.

Litecoin Mining

LTC mining is the act in which a blockchain- that’s a distributed ledger of all transactions made on the network are maintained. Miners get transactions data broadcast by different participants since the last block was discovered, they come to bring those transactions together into structures known as Merkle trees. Also, they work together to find an acceptable hash. However, this is a result of operating a one-way cryptographic algorithm on a chunk of data.

 How To Mine Litecoin

To mine your Litecoin you can choose either a Solo or join a mining pool. To make a great profit, you should go for hardware – Antminer L3 or L3.

Go to the Antminer manufacturer website-BitMain

Create an account

  • On the hardware controller, click on the IP Reporter button for about 5 seconds
  • It will show your IP address. Proceed to key it into the BitMain site
  • Provide the Litecoin wallet address you want to send your mined coin to.

To join the mining pool, do the following

  • Go to your BitMain account
  • Tape on the miner configuration
  • Click on the general settings
  • Key in the URL of your mining pool, your worker ID, and password.

With the above steps, you can comfortably set up Litecoin mining hardware.

 How To Buy Litecoin

There are lots of websites that trade on cryptocurrencies including Litecoin. We have Coinbase, Binance, etc.

To buy LTC on the Binance website, you can make a banker transfer, trade LTC and also buy LTC with a credit card.  So, the first step is to visit their website at register, and make your purchase.

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