Live MeetMe? MeetMe is where most people if not everybody belongs. This platform aims to meet the general need for human connection. The platform was established in 2005, by the meet group. Since then, it has originated a good number of chats, shares, dates, true friends, romantic relationships, and marital relationships.

Live MeetMe - MeetMe Live Stream | MeetMe Live App Download

The dating site offers features such as chat, meet, discuss and live video. The meet group had now powered the platform with the Live feature, which is a video streaming platform designed to connect people in a meaningful way on the dating site.

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Nevertheless, the Meet team aims at building the most engaging dating environment around the world, and investing in new products and services like the live-streaming video to entice users to spend more time on the platform. No doubt, lots of users will enjoy the platform, seeing the amazing features that come with it.

Live MeetMe

Among the features, MeetMe offers, it offers a live streaming service that gives users lovely experiences on the site. On the platform, members get to Go live, watch other members stream live, and chat with each other. If you want people to be interested in your live video streaming, you should create catchy video content. Here users can decide to like, share or follow your live streams.

MeetMe Live Stream

The MeetMe dating site/app comes with a live video minute where members tell their stories and display themselves. On this dating platform, users build reports by watching videos and sending hearts and other virtual gifts to one another. Which is another interesting way to invite friends and lovers into their lives.

However, to stream live on this platform is very easy and straightforward, with just a few steps on their page you’re good to go. Read the field below to learn more.

How to Go Live on MeetMe

Users can now go live when they want to begin a connection and also get people interested in their live videos. However, to go live, follow these directives below.

  • Get your mobile phone.
  • Open the MeetMe app or visit their website at
  • Within the mobile app, tap on the Camera button.
  • Create a live stream that other users can access, like, or follow you.

You can also start up a fast video chat with other users within the platform.

Live MeetMe PC

Do you want to go live on MeetMe using your PC? The following steps are for you

  • Go to your browser, download, and install the BlueStacks app on your PC.
  • Launch the BlueStacks app you downloaded.
  • On the BlueStacks homepage, sign in using your Google account details.
  • Press on the “Apps” widget.
  • Scroll to the search bar and search for MeetMe.
  • Press on the apk on the result page.
  • Then, Install the app.

Anytime you want to access the platform, you can visit the BlueStacks, select the MeetMe app, then access your account.

MeetMe App

To get the application on your mobile device, visit the google play store and search for the app. From the result screen, click on the app, select the install button and then follow the onscreen prompts. To successfully install it on your device.

For iPhone users, find the app on the app store, tap the Get button, and provide the required data- apple ID and password. Follow the directives on the page to complete the process.

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How does Live work on MeetMe?

Meet me is one of the best social media dating applications on the planet currently where hundreds of people go to find love. Now the MeetMe platform has recently added a new feature called live. Members can use this feature when they want to go speak to their connections and also get to know the people that are interested in them.

Can you go live on MeetMe on laptop?

Whether you are on mobile or you are on a laptop you can make use of the MeetMe platform to go live. On your computer, you can simply download an Andriod emulator to start using the live feature that is in meet me today, Because you can not go live with we website version of the meet me application only the mobile version. 

Can you be tracked on MeetMe?

As a result of the settings of the MeetMe application strangers from all over the world are connected to each other which means that it is very easy to track someone on MeetMe. With a bit of technical know-how, you can track individuals on the MeetMe platform easily. There is also a visibility feature which also makes it easy to track someone’s location. 


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