Lock Facebook Profile – How to Lock Down Your Facebook Privacy Settings

Lock Facebook Profile – How to Lock Down Your Facebook Privacy Settings

There has been an uproar on the issue of how to Lock Facebook Profile. So, If you have been part of the millions having the thought on how you to lock Facebook profile and make it private, then I should say, this would serve as a solution to your thoughts. The thing is not everyone really wants to be part of the Facebook site. They only do it because of business purposes or want to keep in touch with a friend, family or client.

Lock Facebook Profile - How to Lock Down Your Facebook Privacy Settings

Right from time, Facebook has always had its part of account privacy and security settings. And do you know one amazing thing about Facebook? It gives you full control over your account setting and privacy. However, knowing how to adjust these settings may seem to be complicated. But this article has brought to you, to make it easy for you to access and adjust these settings.

Lock Facebook Profile and How It Works

This feature has been made available for Facebook users, who would not want all of their details to be public. Well, there is no doubt that Facebook gives you the chance to provide your details in the setting up of your account.

However, there are certain people who would not want these details to be open to everyone. But there is a way for you to hide these details. Have you been wanting to open a Facebook account for special purposes? Do you need it for business or market? Do you need it to keep in touch with people? Perhaps, you want to, but, you do not like the idea of making your profile public.

You can get your account today, and hide every detail that you want to.

How to Open a Facebook Account

Having a Facebook account helps you in so many ways. There are special purposes and needs for this account. There are different features to make use of on Facebook. Let’s quickly get your account.

  • Go to Facebook to open your account. www.facebook.com.
  • The very first step to open an account is providing your full name.
  • Add an email address or phone number.
  • Type in your preferred password for the account.
  • Add your date of birth.
  • Add your gender.
  • Click on SIGN UP.

How to Log In To A Facebook Account

If you already have a Facebook account, you can access it by logging in. Here’s how to;

  • Go to Facebook on www.facebook.com.
  • Enter your email address or phone number.
  • Enter your password for the account.
  • Click on LOG IN.

Steps on How to Lock Facebook Profile | Facebook Privacy Settings

There are different ways in which you can Lock Facebook Profile. What do I mean? It is possible for you to hide more than one detail on Facebook. You could choose to keep your Facebook profile away from other users on Facebook.

So, you just have to carefully follow the steps, as I list out the ways through which you can keep your profile private.

Now that you have a Facebook account, you have to log in to your account. At the top of your news feed, you will find a triangle icon, click on it. In the drop-down menu, click on Settings.

Under the settings section, click on Privacy. You will find a list of details that you can make private on Facebook. So, let’s begin.

Previous and Future Updates and Posts

If you do not want just anyone to view your posts on your Facebook account, then there is a way to limit the visibility. You can limit your future updates and posts.

To do this, go to Privacy and access your future post settings, by clicking on Edit. From here, you will be given options on who to show your future posts to. Choose an option and Save.

Friend Requests | Lock Facebook Profile

It is certainly not possible for you to stop others from sending you a friend request. But you can be in control of who does. Here’s how to adjust these settings.

Under the Privacy section in Settings, go to Who can contact me? Click on Edit and choose the kind of people to contact you on Facebook. After your selection, Save or Confirm.

Contact by Phone Number or Email Address

It is possible for people to search for you on Facebook using the email address or phone number that you provided. However, if you want to limit this feature for your account, you can. Here’s how to do that;

In the Privacy section, go to the section that says, who can search for me using my email/phone number? Here, you have to Edit and choose who can search for you that way. By choosing, it limits the rest.

Hiding Your Age | Lock Facebook Profile

You do not want your age to be seen on Facebook? It’s easy to hide it!

To hide your age, go to your Facebook profile and click on Edit Profile. Go to the section tagged as About, and you will find a list of your details. Go to your date of birth and Edit.

This will give you an option of who you want your age to be visible to. If you want it to be visible to just you, then click on Only Me.

Hide Your Relationship Status

Not every person would actually want their relationship status to be known by everyone. However, if yours is public right now, you can make it private.

Go to your profile and Edit Profile. Access the section tagged as About. From here, go to your relationship status, and Edit. Choose who this status is to be visible to and Save or Confirm.

Your Friend List

Do you want to also keep your friends private? Then it is easy to hide your friend list too. You may never know but it serves as a means for protection too.

Go to your Profile. On your profile, click on Friends. Click on the Pencil icon. This will refer you to the section where you have to Edit Privacy.

You will be given a list of options on who can see your friend list. But since you want to be the only one to see it, then you have to click on Only Me.


Do you know that you can also block unwanted friends and stalkers? If there is someone that you want to avoid on Facebook, all you have to do is block them. This way, they would never have access to you unless you unblock them.

Go to the Setting section and click on Blocking. In that section, click on Block Users and provide the name of the user you would like to block. To confirm this process, click on Block and you are done!


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