Login to Google Webmaster Tools? Sign in to your Google webmaster tools today and manage your website. Google Webmaster is currently known as the Google Search console. So don’t be confused whenever you come across either name. Before going further on how to log in to the Google Webmaster tools dashboard, let’s find out what the software is about.

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Login to Google Webmaster Tools – Webmaster Tools Google

Google Webmaster Tools free software is like a dashboard-embedded instrument that lets you manage your site. With this tool, you can move your business to the next level. If you have set up a Google Search Console account already, you can proceed to log in to your account anytime.

How to Login to Google Webmaster Tools

 To Login To Google Webmaster Tools

The above are steps for Google search console login. I believe you can now access your Google webmaster tools dashboard from there. However, if you don’t have the Search Console Google/google webmaster tools account, read on to learn how to set up the account.

What is Google Search Console (Google Webmaster Tools)?

Search Console is a free tool provided by Google that reveals information you can’t find anywhere else about your own website. Google Search Console used to be known as Google Webmaster Tools.

However, the webmaster tools tell you how the search engine sees your website. Thus you can see site errors, check for broken pages, confirm site indexing, and more. Not only that, it is where you pick up any messages sent directly from Google.

Whether it’s a malware warning, a detected hack on your website, or a notice that you’ve been dealt a manual penalty — the search engine alerts you through Google Webmaster Console.

Another amazing thing about the webmaster tools is that they shows you how people interact with your site in search results. However, for monitoring your SEO efforts and maintaining your website, set up Google Search Console as your primary tool.

How to Setup Google Webmaster Tools (Search Console)

You will start by Signing In to Google. Google wants to connect the dots between your website (or app) and you. So the first thing is to log in to your Google account. You can sign in through Gmail.

However, If you don’t have a Google account, you must create one. Simply visit www.google.com  and click Sign in. Then select Create an account and complete the form.

Add a Property to Google Search Console

Take note: If you already have at least one property set up, you will see that display instead of the URL entry shown below. To add another website or app, just tap on the Add a Property button and then enter the new site’s URL.

Verify Site Ownership

Google needs to confirm that the site or app belongs to you. To verify that you are the owner of the site, you have multiple choices. Tap the “Alternate Methods” tab to view them all. Below are verification Options for Google search Consoles.

Verify Using for Google Analytics

If you’ve registered for Google Analytics for your website AND you have “administrator” permissions, you can verify your site ownership immediately. Here are the steps to take:

  • From the option, select the “Google Analytics” button.
  • Tap on the Verify button.

With the above steps, you’re ready to use Google Search Console! If you do not have Google Analytics, you can still verify using an HTML tag.

Verify With HTML tag

If you have access to edit your webster’s HTML code, do this;

  • Select the “HTML tag” option.
  • Copy the text line that Google displays in the shaded box (beginning with <meta name=)
  • Launch your home page in your preferred website editor and paste that text into the Head section (near the top) of your home page. It will create a new meta tag.
  • Save your changes in the editor program.
  • Head back to the Google Search Console setup page, and tap on the Verify button.

These are steps to verify your site using an HTML tag.

Verify With the Domain name provider

If you cannot use the first two methods, try the “Domain name provider” option.

  • From the drop-down list, select the company where you registered your domain name.
  • Then follow the instructions Google gives you, which vary.
  • Lastly, click the Verify button.

Verify Using Google Tag Manager

This is the last option for verifying your website. It works for people who have a Google Tag Manager account (and the “manage” permission). Do the following to get started;

  • Select the fourth radio button
  • Tap on the Verify button.

In getting started with the Webmasters tool- once Google verifies your site or app ownership, you can log in and start using your newly set up Google Search Console.

How do I access Google Webmaster Tools?

To log in to Google Webmaster tools do this

What happened to Google Webmaster Tools?

Google aims to get more users to Google Webmaster Tools by renaming it to Google Search Console. However, the ten-year-old name for the toolset designed for webmasters, publishers, and business owners has changed to Google Search Console.

What is Google Webmaster called now?

Google Webmasters tool is now known as Google Search Consoles.

Is Google Search Console or Webmaster the same?

Yes, Google Search Console and Webmaster are the same. Just that webmaster tools name was changed to Google search console.


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