The Magimix Food Processor 14 Cup is an incredible food processor that is appropriate for both little and huge food prep occupations. Conveying proficient quality execution and amazing adaptability, the Magimix Food Processor 14 Cup is a top decision for the home gourmet expert.

Magimix Food Processor 14 Cup


It’s made in France and highlights a liberal variety of frills, including three dishes that let you flawlessly travel through various components of a formula ceaselessly to wash the bowl.

As you will find in our Magimix Food Processor 14 Cup survey, its strong engine is shockingly tranquil, and it’s supported by a 30-year engine guarantee.

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Magimix Food Processor 14 Cup

This food processor is a bigger machine, estimating 10 x 16.75 x 8.25 inches. It likewise gauges 17 pounds, so it’s not the most straightforward machine to lift out of a base pantry.

Nonetheless, its size and weight give it brilliant soundness, which is helped by the pull cup feet that mount it safely to the counter.

This food processor is accessible in three completions, so it will match numerous kitchen stylistic layout plans. Its general appearance is present-day and clean, making it an appealing machine that you could practically decide to show right on your ledge.

This food processor accompanies a liberal combination of embellishments. Its three dishes in 6-, 12-, and 14-cup limits helpfully stack inside one another for space-saving stockpiling right on the machine.

Different frills incorporate a blade edge, batter sharp edge, blender mix, egg whisk, 2mm and 4mm cutting and grinding plates, a spatula, and a guidance and formula book. It likewise incorporates a plastic stockpiling box to keep the edges and plates efficient.

Magimix Food Processor 14 Cup Performance

The Magimix Food Processor 14 Cup showed a lot of force and flexibility across our tests as a whole. Its 14-cup limit was great for blending the treat mixture.

The engine effectively took care of the full group of mixture with practically no strain. It delivered a predictable, exhaustive blend that brought about a batter that was light and breezy.

Its strong engine additionally demonstrated fit for pureeing hummus well. The completed hummus was delicate and fine and the choice of involving the littlest bowl for the hummus was considered an intensive blend.

Magimix Food Processor 14 Cup Ease of utilization and cleaning

The Magimix Food Processor 14 Cup is to a great extent simple to utilize. Its weight could make it hard for some to move, particularly assuming that you’ll be over and again lifting the food processor into and out of pantries.

On top of this, while the pull cup feet make an ideal and secure mount to the counter, it can take all in all a pull to slacken the food processor when you’re prepared to take care of it.

The machine is not difficult to set up. Its bowl fits onto the unit safely, and it secures set up without any problem. The cover is likewise instinctive to append and lock on. It’s similarly simple to open the bowl and the top.


The Magimix Food Processor 14 Cup is our top decision for the best food processor. Its strong engine effortlessly dealt with every one of the tests that we performed, yet it works unobtrusively.

The wide variety of extras makes it adaptable and fit for everything from destroying and grinding in various thicknesses to mincing spices and whisking eggs. Its three-bowl configuration is inventive, space-saving, and builds the machine’s flexibility and generally speaking convenience. Further research can be done on Google.


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