MARKEL CORPORATION is an insurance company that provides insurance, reinsurance, and investment operations all over the world, and also has headquarters in Richmond Virginia, in the U.S.A. This company was founded in 1930. The company has Alan. I  Kirshner as the Executive chairman. Why Anthony. F as the vice-chairman also Steven. An as the vice-chairman, Thomas Gayner as the officer co-chief Executive Officer, Richard R whit as to the co-chief Executive, and F .Micheal Crowley as the president of the company. The name of the founder of the company is Samuel. A. Markel.


Markel Corporation – Types of Markel Corporation Insurance

Global Insurance: This global insurance focused on large accounts and complex risks.

  • Casualty Insurance; This is a casualty team that provides excess and middle-market casualty solutions to clients.
  • Health Care Practice Insurance; This works with specialty producers to provide insurance programs.
  • Marine Insurance; This is a wide variety of inland marine and ocean marine products.
  • Professional liability; This liability team provides you with various types of products and public organizations, such as law firms, insurance professionals.
  • Property insurance; This Insurance team covers high-value commercial property risks worldwide.
  • Trade Credit Insurance; This trade credit team offers expert knowledge of the commercial counterparty.

Markel Corporation Specialty

This specialty underwrites specialty commercial programs and personal lines for a variety of niche markets.

  • Camps; with MARKEL you will find expert camp insurance counselors who can help with coverage risk management.
  • Human Services; This insurance program is tailor-made to protect the organization, staff, and clients.
  • Personal lines; This division of MARKEL CORPORATION is located in Pewaukee, Wisconsin.
  • Surety
  • Workers Comp

Markel Corporation Whole Sale

This Insurance is given to provide excess and surplus lines solutions when coverage is not available.

  • Management Liability; This covers both the company and its directors and officers for the cost associated with defensive actions.
  • Contract Binding; This is created by our investment in technology and process improvement.
  • Brokerage Casualty; This casualty is dedicated to underwriting teams located throughout our five Whole Sale regions.
  • Marine; This wholesale marine has a wide and flexible appetite for classes that are made for the wholesale market.
  • Professional Liability and E&S; This has always been a concrete market for professional liability and E&S coverage for like 40 years and above.
  • Medical Professional Liability; This is provided by MARKEL to prove malpractice coverage for physicians, surgeons, Dentists, and pediatrics.
  • Excess and Umbrella; This is flexible insurance that gives a solution to both lead and excess positions.

INTERNATIONAL; This writes insurance and facultative and reinsurance business across the world.

GLOBAL REINSURANCE; This writes reinsurance treaties on a quota share and excess of loss basis.

  • Casualty; This casualty reinsurance team, provides reinsurance for all types of casualty.


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