Marketing with Whatsapp – Why You Should Use Whatsapp for Marketing


Marketing with Whatsapp

Are you curious about marketing with Whatsapp? Whatsapp has become one of the best strategies for businessmen and women when it comes to marketing. If you are a blogger and you work with Google AdSense strategy, WhatsApp marketing can also be a good source to get genuine traffic from. Marketers always love to engage the most active platform when it comes to advertising their products, although a lot of people use google for advertising, it is not enough for them. They need more customers, they need more buyers. This is where other social Media come into play.

Marketing with Whatsapp - Why You Should Use Whatsapp for Marketing

Social Media for Marketing

Social Medias are not just meant for socializing it is also meant for advertising purposes. This is due to the fact that most people are always using this social Medias. Social Medias are also the fastest way to get informed of latest news. The facebook news feed is filled with some sponsored contents; these can be called facebook ads. These ads appear in the news feed of the sponsor’s targeted location. Most of the times I see sponsored ads from Netflix on my new feed. It is not that bad because it gets me informed on the latest Netflix videos for free and just be scrolling down on my facebook news feed.


Marketing can be said to be a way of paying other people to share your ideas, products, and services. It is a very easy but tactical process. There are series of website and applications that allow you to advertise on whatsapp. Most of these apps and sites require payments but some of them are totally free.

Whatsapp Marketing App

Whatsapp finally released its marketing app called Whatsapp business in early 2018. This app has a lot of features that aids in marketing. The features are too numerous in numbers, most of these features are free, but when you want to market like a pro, you’ll need to buy the rest of the services. The WhatsApp business is just like any normal WhatsApp app that allows you to create a business profile for your products and services. With the Whatsapp business, you can totally take your business to the next level.

Why Should I Use Whatsapp for Marketing?

You may be thinking a lot on some reasons why you should use WhatsApp for your marketing, or why you should add WhatsApp in your marketing strategy. Then think no more, because here are some reasons why you need to use Whatsapp for marketing.

  • The first reason is because, it is free.
  • It allows you to send links, images, brochures, eBooks and even catalogs.
  • You can easily use WhatsApp for group discussions.
  • Your messages cannot be lost, because there is an offline message alert that lets you know when you have a message waiting.

Because it is a messaging app, it allows you to receive alerts on latest updates, messages and even sales.


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