Marshall Business School is the business school of the University of Southern California. This business school is accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. Formerly, the Marshall Business School started as the College of Commerce and Business Administration in 1920.

Marshall Business School - University of Southern California (Marshall) Business School

In 1997 the Business School was renamed as a result of a donation offer by alumnus Gordon S. Marshall of $35 million.  The Marshall Business School is one of the best in New York due to its performance the school rank 16 on the National University ranking.

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Marshall Business School

The Marshall Business School is a business school, is the University of Southern California as mentioned above. The business school rank among others to no.16 from National University ranking as mentioned before too.

The school has good learning facilities for its students. The school occupies five multi-story buildings on the campus. Namely, Bridge Hall, the accounting building, Popovich Hall, Hoffman Hall, and Jill and Frank Fertitta Hall for the Marshall Business School undergraduate programs.

Marshall School Programs

Marshall Business School offers lots of business-related courses for undergraduates, MSA programs, and even Ph. D courses. Let’s see the course and as it relates to each class:

Marshall Undergraduate

The undergraduate of Marshall Business School offers a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. There are different joint programs that offer studies with international relations and Cinematic Arts in combination with Business Administration. The new students offer core business and also takes the USC core and elective classes.

Also, the undergraduate is offered a variety of international opportunities to participate in other programs. This includes The Global Leadership Program which is made up of two-semester seminars on business leadership in China and a spring break trip to China.

Marshall Graduate

The Marshall Business School offers programs for Graduates which is a full-time two-year MBA program. This is an MBA program for professionals and Managers (MBA-PM), an online MBA an executive MBA, and a one-year international MBA.

The Marshall Business School also, offer 11 specialty master’s degrees, specializing in business education on some topics, which includes business analytics, Finance, Social Entrepreneurship, Marketing, and global supply chain management.

Executive Education

The Marshall Business School opens enrollment programming and offers business certificate programs. This is for individuals online in-person and it’s geared towards professional and personal development.


The school offers a full-time program within the 5 academic departments. The doctorate programs last for 4-5 years of the dissertation of two years. Also, working with notable faculty, doctoral students receive substantial financial aid like graduate assistantship, living stipend while studying.


The Marshall Business School in 2019 ranked no. 17 nationally by U. S. New

The school rank 16 in Best Business schools and 7 in accounting and others below;

  • Business Analytics.
  • In entrepreneurship.
  • Finance.
  • Marketing.
  • Real Estate.
  • Supply Chain/Logistics.
  • International.
  • Executive MBA.

No. 9 in Part-time MBA

No. 11 in Best Education Schools

  • Education Policy.
  • Higher Education Administration.

No. 12 Best in Engineering schools

  • Industrial/Manufacturing/ Systems Engineering.
  • Materials Engineering.
  • Mechanical Engineering.
  • Petroleum Engineering.
  • Chemical Engineering.
  • Civil Engineering.
  • Electrical/Electronic/ Communications Engineering and other engineering courses.

No. 19 Best Law Schools

  • Business Corporate Law.
  • Environmental Law.
  • Legal writing.
  • Tax Law.
  • Trial Advocacy.
  • International Law.
  • Health care Law.
  • Intellectual Property Law.
  • Dispute Resolution.
  • Criminal Law.
  • Contract /Commercial Law.

No. 29 in Best Medical Schools Research

No. 26 in Most Diverse Medical Schools

No. 32 in English

No. 35 in best Library and Information Studies programs

No. 4 in Best Public Affairs program

No. 25 In Social Work

No. 34 in Sociology

No. 7 in Public Policy Analysis

The Marshall Business School has lots of courses to offer the rankings so far has been great one visits the office to get full details of other course and their ranks.


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