Mechanic That Will Install My Parts? If you are looking for trusted mechanics or auto shops to install your parts, search no more. This write-up will be talking about three mechanic stores where you can install your auto parts.

Mechanic That Will Install My Parts

Not minding that most mechanics are dealers on parts; most consumers prefer purchasing their parts by themselves, then taking them to a mechanic for installation. Most of them believe it’s cheaper that way.

The downside of purchasing parts elsewhere is that the consumer might end up buying inferior parts. This is one of the reasons some mechanic shops don’t install parts bought outside their store. Nevertheless, you can still find hundreds of mechanics that Install Customer parts.

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 Mechanic That Will Install My Parts

Below are auto shops that will install your parts; is a wholly-owned subsidiary of US Auto Parts Network, Inc. is one of the websites that lets you find mechanic shops near you.

Crawford’s Auto Repairs: serving the following areas-Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, Tempe and other nearby areas.

Other Auto shops include; AutoZone, Pepboys, HS Motors

About AutoMD

This is a comprehensive online automotive repair resource that helps to empower car owners with the best way to repair their vehicles. It is backed by a team of automotive data specialists and certified auto mechanics.

AutoMD’s Fair Price estimates are calculated for both shop repair and Do-It-Yourself. Thus, formulated for specificity using average labor costs for each zip code, hours to complete, and AutoMD’s proprietary real-time market pricing data. Data on millions of car parts – down to engine size and sub-model.

It features a Shopfinder which has a database of over 400,000 shops across the country. Each shop is assessed by AutoMD’s team of service shop specialists for capabilities and hourly rates.

However, only shops relevant to consumers’ specific repair problems and zip codes are listed. Every listing includes average hourly labor costs, contact, shuttle and payment information, map and directions, and consumer reviews and ratings.

About Crawford’s Auto Repairs

Crawford Mechanic was founded in 2012 by two senior master technicians, Brad Weiss, and Jeff Crawford. The founders met while working for a dealership and decided that there were things about the auto repair industry that needed to be changed. So they went into business for themselves to provide something better.

However, in 2019 Brad purchased Jeff’s portion of the business and continues to own and operate Crawford’s Auto.

Crawford’s Auto Repair offers quality service to customers. It hires expert technicians who work efficiently, having a policy of excellent customer service. And also providing thorough maintenance checks to prevent repairs or catch repairs before they become more costly, and not hiring service writers.

You can dial their customer service phone or Schedule An Appointment, by visiting

HS Motors

HS Motors is one of the mechanics stores that offer outstanding car installation service. Their team is not only offering accessories and car parts installation service, but it also supplies a large range of automotive parts and accessories.

However, even if you purchased from HS Motors, or found that online bargain, the team can install it in your car or vehicle for you. And, you can be assured that your installation is carried out to the highest standard by their qualified Employees.

Find out more about Hs Motors including its services at

How To Find a Mechanic Near Me That Will Install My Parts

To find mechanic stores near you that can install your parts, you need to follow these steps

Further, shops relevant to your specific repair problems and zip code will be listed. And all listing comes with average hourly labor costs, contact, shuttle and payment information, map and directions, and consumer reviews and ratings.


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