The Mediterranean dialogues [MED] youth forum contest 2020 is a global competition by the general public is anticipating in this century of technological advancement.

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Mediterranean Dialogues (MED) Youth Forum Contest 2020

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Do you want to know the latest contest/competition on Mediterranean dialogues [MED]? The Mediterranean dialogues MED youth forum tag this year contest as after the storm: managing the pandemic and finding a post-COVID recovery strategy.

As a matter of fact, the contest is kicking off this season with a dynamic style.

Mediterranean Dialogues (MED) Youth Forum Contest 2020

Mediterranean dialogues [MED] youth forum contest is an annual and high-level initiative. It is promoted by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and ISPI (the Italian Institute for International Political Studies) as an opportunity to rethink traditional approaches to the area, to complement analyses of current challenges with new ideas and suggestions, and to draft a new positive agenda addressing shared challenges at the regional and international levels.

The Mediterranean dialogues MED youth forum has pave way for this year’s edition. Over the past five years, MED Mediterranean Dialogues has established itself as a hub for in-person meetings among high-level representatives of governments, international organizations and civil society.

This year, the MED Conference will adopt a hybrid format with virtual and in-person events to ensure conformity to the highest standards of personal health and safety.

2020 Mediterranean dialogues MED youth forum edition.

Following on the success of last year’s event, MED Mediterranean Dialogues 2020 is proud to announce another edition of the Youth Forum Contest.

Ideas and Projects at Work, implemented in cooperation with the Representation of the European Commission in Italy, the Boston Consulting Group, the European Training Foundation, and the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development.

The purpose of the contest is to give a selected number of young Mediterranean people the chance to present innovative ideas and projects to a high-level audience in order to promote their work and enhance their visibility.

Participants will have a unique opportunity to present projects that could facilitate dialogue and foster development and cooperation in the broader Mediterranean region.

With this in mind, this year’s Youth Forum Contest will promote young leaders whose ideas and projects focus on finding innovative and creative responses to the current pandemic crisis in the Mena region and on supporting post-pandemic recovery.

How Mediterranean dialogues contest works 2020

In 2020, the world has come together to face the global challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In this regard, the Mediterranean region is not exempted from the action. With its long history as a creative and pioneering hub, the Mediterranean could well reaffirm its role as a region capable of innovation and inclusiveness.

The 2020 MED Youth Forum Contest is therefore looking for proposals that offer innovative solutions to help manage the crisis and to support post-pandemic recovery.

In line with the purpose of the contest, all the projects presented should cover topics related to one of the following two areas: which are;

  • Culture and civil society.
  • Business and new economic model.

The MED 2020 Youth Forum Contest office is still accepting applications. The office will then select the best 20 submissions, 10 for each group.

The MED secretariat will announce the results of the selection process to those applicants selected to participate in the Youth Forum Contest.

What will take place during the 2020 Mediterranean Dialogues Youth Forum Contest 2020

All participants of the 2020 edition of the Mediterranean dialogues’ youth forum, should note the following as part of the contest. These are;

  • All participants will be given a maximum of 5-minutes to present their projects and ideas to a selected audience and to an international panel of experts. The working language is English.
  • Once all presentations have finished, the professional jury and the audience attending the event will vote to select a winner for each group.
  • The two winners will be awarded a prize to develop their projects further. In addition to greater visibility and the said monetary reward, participants will also have full access to the MED2020 conference to explore business opportunities and to connect with experts, investors, venture capitalists, and fellow entrepreneurs. They will also be given an opportunity to present the development of their projects to a dedicated panel at MED2021 Mediterranean Dialogues next year.

Now you can now see that this year edition of the Mediterranean dialogues youth forum contest has a better package for participant most especially the winners

Mediterranean Dialogue Youth Forum Contest Evaluation Criteria

Applications shall be evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Pertinence and Quality of the Contribution: Is the contribution pertinent to the MED Youth Forum Contest’s requirements? Is the motivation relevant to the requirements of the application?
  • Impact on Beneficiaries: To what extent does the project contribute to the development of a community or the region? To what extent does the project meet stakeholder needs?
  • Project Feasibility and Completeness: To what extent is the project feasible? What obstacles could prevent its implementation?
  • Creativity – Innovative Project Content: A qualitative evaluation of the originality of the project. The project’s main objectives and the development and implementation of the concept will be assessed)
  • Relevance to the MENA Region: Could the project be implemented in one or more countries of the MENA region? To what extent does the project contribute to creating and strengthening dialogue in the region? To what extent does the project contribute to the development and prosperity of the MENA region? To what extent could the project affect/influence today’s market?
  • Future Vision and Prospects: Does the project address just one specific need, or does it present a broader vision of potential future developments in a country or in the region?)
  • Potential Project Development: If its context is currently limited in scope, could the project significantly expand and develop in the future?

How To Apply For The MED youth Forum Contest 2020

To apply for the 2020 Mediterranean dialogues youth forum contest 2020 follow the following steps gently,

Congratulation, to you, have successfully applied for the 2020 edition of the MED youth contest if you follow this link.


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