The Mercury Credit Card Mastercard is issued by First Bank & Trust. It is an amazing card with outstanding features and benefits. If you are looking to build your credit, the unsecured Mercury Mastercard can give you what you want. Read on to learn the easy steps to apply for the Mercury Mastercard, how to activate, sign up for an account, log in, make a payment, etc.

Mercury Credit Card

Mercury Credit Card

The Mercury Mastercard is a no-annual-fee unsecured card that enables those with challenging credit to boost their score. Although the interest rates on the card are high, paying the statement balance in full removes the worry and sets cardholders up for credit-building success. It also reports information to the major credit bureaus each month.

Mercury Credit Card Application

To get the mercury CC you need to prequalify. If you’re eligible for the card, you will get a pre-approval notification, which comes with a reservation code, that will be used to access the application portal. The application steps are very simple and fast.

How To Apply For Mercury Credit Card

You can apply for this credit card online or visit your nearest branch to apply. To apply online, click on this link: the apply button and click on it. Then follow the onscreen directives. activate

If you just received a new mercury card, you need to activate the new mercury card in order to utilize it. The activate website lets Mercury cardholders activate their new card online. Moreover, there are different ways you can activate your new card. They’re as follows:

•    Online

•    Mobile app

•    By Phone

For online activation, you must visit the Mercury Card official website. To activate through the app, you will need to download the Mercury Card app. Finally, to activate by phone, simply dial the Mercury Card Customer Care Phone Number.

How To Activate A Mercury Card Online

To activate your new card online, follow these steps to visit the Mercury Card website.

• Visit for more information.

From the Menu tab, tap on the Activate Card button.

•Input the activation form with the following:

• Your new credit card number

• Your Social Security Number’s last four digits

• The month and year of your birth

• Click the Continue button.

These are steps to activate your new card online.

How To Activate The Mercury Card Through The App

To activate your card via the Mercury Card mobile app, do the following:

• Navigate to your device. Apple App Store/Google Play Store

• Go to the search field

• Enter “mercury card app”

•  Tap the app from the list.

•  Select Get/Install Widget.

•  Follow the directives on the screen to install the app. 

•  Open the mobile app

•  Find the Activate Card tab and click it

•  Input in your card number

•  Key in the Last 4 digits of SSN

  • Then provide your date of birth 

•  Navigate with the directives, to set up your card PIN

These are steps to activate your new card via the Mercury Credit Card app. However, if you still find it hard to activate your card, you can contact the customer service representative. The phone number is on the back of your card.

Mercury Credit Card Login

Sign in to manage your card and stay in control. You can check your balance, pay your bill, view your statements, and redeem your rewards, among other things.

How To Login To Mercury Credit Card 

To login to your credit card account, do the following;

•  Visit to locate the login tab, for r click this to go straight to the login page

•  Enter your email and password

•  Login to your account.

These are steps to sign in to your account.

These are steps to sign in to your Mercury MasterCard account online. If you don’t have an online banking account yet, follow the steps in the section below. 

How to Sign Up For A Mercury Credit Card Account

To enrol in a Mercurycard online access account, follow these steps:

• Navigate to

• Locate and tap on the create account, sign up for it, and register tab.

• Complete the registration form.

Follow the on-screen prompt to complete the registration.

These are the signup steps for your first bank trust, the Mercury card.

Payment for Mercury Credit Card

Mercury Mastercard offers different ways to pay at Menards Cardholders can pay their bills. Cardholders can pay their card bills online, over the phone, or by mail. But, among these three credit card methods of payment, online payment is the most convenient way to pay bills.

How To Pay A Mercury Credit Bill Online

To pay your bills online, do this.

• Navigate to

• Enter your login information.

• Select Login.

• Find the payment tab.

• Fill out the payment information and follow the instructions.

These are steps for your Mercury Credit Card online payment.

Customer Service Phone Number for Mercury Card

To reach out to customer care by phone, you will need to get their number. You can find the phone number on the back of your card or visit their website.

So to get the phone number on their website, do the following:

• Visit for more information.

• Scroll down and click on Contact Us.

• A page with customer service phone numbers will appear.

• Dial the telephone number

The steps outlined above will help you obtain a customer service phone number.


Is Mercury a real credit card?

Yes, the Mercury Credit Card is a real and light card.

The card is offered by First Bank & Trust, an FDIC member that has an “A+” rating with the Better Business Bureau. 

What is the credit limit on a Mercury card?

The minimum credit limit for the Mercury card is $1,500.

Does the Mercury card give credit increases?

You can only get a Mercury Credit Card credit limit increase if the bank offers it to you. Your account will be reviewed periodically to see if you qualify for an increase. However, there’s no set timeframe for these reviews. But if you do qualify for a higher credit limit, the issuer will notify you.

What type of credit card is Mercury?

The Mercury® Mastercard® is an unsecured card that can help people with bad credit improve their credit score. If you have bad credit, the card can help you boost it.

Is Mercury Mastercard hard to get?

The Mercury Mastercard is only available by invitation only. Moreover, you can get the card even if your credit score is as low as 550.

Where can I use my Mercury credit card?

You can use your Mercury Mastercard anywhere Mastercard is accepted. Since Mastercard is the most widely accepted credit card network, it means you can use it in over 210 countries and territories.

What bank owns Mercury credit card?

The Mercury Mastercard is marketed by CreditShop and issued by the First Bank & Trust of Brookings, South Dakota.


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