Messenger Video Calling App – Facebook Messenger Application


As you already know before now. Messenger video calling app is just trying to tell you about the messenger app itself. Messenger app is a subsocial media of the Facebook social media platform. This makes chatting to be easy and it does not charge you lot of data to access it. You can make videos calls and voice calls with your friends on the platform.

Messenger Video Calling App - Facebook Messenger Application

How Can I Use Messenger App Without Signing Up to Facebook?

you don’t need to sign up to facebook account before you can make use of the messenger app. All you need is to have the messenger app on your device and lunch it. Make sure that you are connected to the internet or have data on your device. After opening the messenger app, then click create account with the messenger app. Enter your mobile number and click next. Then choose a more secure password and click next. On the other page enter your first name and your last name and click next then click create account after doing all the necessary things. Now you can log in your account without creating a Facebook account on the messenger app.

Messenger Video Calling App – How to Make Video Call on Messenger

You can make a video call on messenger after creating your messenger account. All you need is to click on the user who you want to video call and click on the video call icon at the top of your screen then the video call will e connected in just a moment. Is not only video call that you make on messenger app, but you can also make voice calls too. How you can make the voice call is to do like I have said in this article but this time you are not clicking on video icon but voice icon.

How to Download Messenger on your Device

On how you can download messenger app to your device is very easy all you need is a lot guide and this article will be helpful to you. At first, you have to open your browser or chrome and click on the search box to search for the name of the app “messenger app”. Open the tag and click in the messenger app icon. Then click download or install to download the app on your device. While for users that like to make use of google play store. You just need to open it and search for the name “messenger app” as I have said before. Then click install or download button.


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