Methods of Paying for GOTV in Nigeria – Do you want to know how to pay for GOTV in Nigeria because you are a fan or user of the service? In Nigeria, there are numerous ways to pay for GOTV subscriptions.

Methods of Paying for GOTV in Nigeria
Methods of Paying for GOTV in Nigeria

A well-known digital television service provider called GOTV provides a wide range of entertainment alternatives, including movies, news, cartoons, family programs, sports, and much more.

Different payment methods are available in Nigeria to make it simpler for clients to pay for their GOTV subscriptions. You may find several common ways to pay for GOTV in Nigeria on this page.

Methods of Paying for GOTV in Nigeria

Simply put, paying for GOTV refers to renewing or subscribing to the GOTV service. A range of channels and programming are available to GOTV members as part of their digital television package. Users are always required to pay a monthly fee in order to access these channels and keep taking advantage of the service.

How to pay for GOTV in Nigeria

In other words, when someone says “Pay for GOTV” or “GOTV Pay,” they are merely referring to the payment process required to activate or renew their subscription with the GOTV service provider. The good news is that there are several ways to pay, including online payment platforms, smartphone apps, bank transfers, cash payments at retail locations, and using USSD codes given by banks.

The GOTV service is enabled as soon as the payment is successful, enabling subscribers to access the channels and content included in the subscription plan they have chosen.

Depending on the subscription plan selected by the user—which can be monthly, quarterly, or annual—the payment is normally made on a recurring basis. It should be noted that if the subscription is not renewed, the service can be interrupted until the fee is paid.

Features of Paying for GOTV

The following are some benefits of purchasing GOTV:

  • Access to digital terrestrial television (DTT).
  • Diverse channel lineup.
  • Local and international content.
  • Parental control.
  • Electronic program guide (EPG)
  • Affordable subscription packages.

These are a few of the main benefits of purchasing GOTV.

Benefits of paying for GOTV

Here are a few advantages to GOTV:

  • Reliable signal
  • Local channels
  • Affordable entertainment
  • No Internet is required.
  • Customer support
  • No monthly data costs

These are a few advantages to purchasing GOTV.

Ways to Pay for Your GOTV in Nigeria

Here are several options for paying for your GOTV in Nigeria:

How to Pay for Your GOTV Using Quicktellers

Simple steps for using Quicktellers to pay for your GOTV are as follows:

  • Visit, the Quickteller website.
  • Then click “Cable TV Bills” under “Pay Bills.”
  • Select “GOTV” next.
  • Ensure that the form is filled out correctly.
  • Put in your email address or phone number.
  • IUC Decoder Number
  • Choose an option.
  • Then select “Continue” from the menu.

Then, in order to finish this procedure, you must follow the directions displayed on your screen.

GOTV Online Payment Method

Simple instructions for paying your GOTV online:

  • Search for in your computer browser.
  • Your IUC number should be entered in the required field.
  • Select a country.
  • Correctly enter the captcha text.
  • Then select “Verify” from the menu.

Verify that you are paying for the correct account by clicking Verify once you have entered the information accurately.

How to Make Your Payment Using the GOTV Mobile App

Simple instructions for using the GOTV mobile app to pay:

  • From the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, get the GOTV mobile app.
  • Log in to the app using your account.
  • Choose “Pay,” then input the smartcard number.

Then, please adhere to the payment instructions that you encounter.

Other ways to make your GOTV payment in Nigeria

If you want to quickly pay for your GOTV in Nigeria, you may want to take a look at the following additional methods:

  • Bank Mobile Apps and USSD: There are so many banks in Nigeria that allow customers to use their mobile banking apps or USSD codes to pay for GOTV subscriptions. To make the payment, you can either use the bank’s app or call the USSD number provided by your bank.
  • ATM: You can use your debit card to make direct GOTV payments at some ATMs. To find out if this service is offered, check with your bank.
  • Retail outlets and dealers
  • Internet Banking.

These are a few important methods to pay for GOTV in Nigeria.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I renew my GOTV subscription online?

Visit, log into your account, and then use Paga e-pay to make an online payment for your GOTV subscription. A list of online payment options that are accessible in your country will be provided to you.

How do I recharge my GOTV on my phone?

Here are the guidelines to recharge GOTV with your phone using the first bank code:

  • Be sure to correctly copy out your IUC number first.
  • Open your phone’s dialer and dial the IUC numbers and the code.
  • once you have ensured that all the information is accurate. Finally, click “Send” to finish.
How do I use the USSD code to subscribe to GOTV?

If you want to use airtime, you can also use this GOTV subscription code on the same mobile device that you used to open your first bank account.

Can I charge my GOTV subscription?

From your dashboard, choose “Build a Package”. Click “Next” after selecting the plan you want to upgrade or reduce. Select the GOTV payment method of your choice.


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