Microsoft Windows Alternatives? Discover the best Ms windows alternatives in this write-up. When it comes to computer usage, Ms dominates the operating system market with its Windows platform. But one negative thing about it is that Windows is not free –it’s pretty expensive.

Microsoft Windows Alternatives - Five Free Alternatives to Microsoft Windows

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Microsoft Windows Alternatives

However, there is a good number of free alternative operating systems that you can use to replace windows, which range from Windows clones to full-featured alternatives. You can also get ones that are best suited for single-purpose use.

This article will be discussing the best operating system out there, so read to the end. Below are some of the free window alternatives in the apps market.


Ubuntu is just like the blue jeans of Linux distros. The most common and feature-packed alternative to paid operating systems. The interface is similar to macOS, so if you have used an Apple computer, then you will feel at home with Ubuntu. It comes with free essential software such as Libre Office, Firefox browser, and Thunderbird email client.

For image editing, you can grab Gimp, and all your media is handled by a VLC player. The software also gets more frequent updates than most Linux distros.

Raspbian PIXEL

Raspbian Pixel operating system is the right option if you are planning to revive an old system with modest specs. It was designed for the Raspberry Pi and will work on the most basic of hardware as a result. Raspbian Pixel has always been light on resources, but most users would avoid it because of its clunky interface.

With the release of the PIXEL OS, the OS is also easy on the eyes now, though not as polished as Windows. In terms of specs, the Raspbian PIXEL can even run on a machine with a 700MHz CPU and 256MB RAM. However, this is a great option if you’ve got an old laptop lying around that you can’t use for even basic tasks anymore.

Linux Mint

Linux mint is the most user-friendly operating system among all the Linux distros. Thus, going by its UI, users can say that Linux Mint lives by its motto: “From freedom came elegance.” In addition to eye candy, Linux mint also boasts power and stability.

The software comes with a lot of useful software such as Firefox browser, Thunderbird email client, Gimp photo editing suite, and LibreOffice. Moreover, you can download the installer files and read the instructions to get Linux Mint up and running on your PC from the official site.


This OS takes a lot of “inspiration” from Windows 7. If you’re a Windows user who wants to save some money then Zorin OS will feel comfortable and familiar. This operating system comes with features such as the Start Menu, Taskbar, and a similar window mode for applications.

Also, it comes pre-loaded with apps such as Xournal, Spotify, VLC, and MyPaint, and of course, you can install other Linux applications as well. Thus, you can download the free Zorin Core OS by following this link.


Cloud-ready is Google’s cloud-based Chrome OS. It’s another good alternative to the Windows platform if you spend all your time on the Web. Thus, it only comes with Chromebooks, and Google has no plans to release it as standalone software.

There’s a bit of difference between CloudReady and Chrome OS, so you could even give CloudReady a spin on an old laptop before deciding whether you want to take the plunge and buy a Chromebook or not.


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