The MONASH Information Technology Scholarship platform is calling on all-female candidates who are interested in the scholarship program to help build their educational career up to the standard they want. The scholarship award will be open to deserving students.

MONASH Information Technology Scholarship: How to Apply for MONASH Information Technology Scholarship

This article will show the application details for the MONASH Awards for interested students. The scheme is part of the University’s take on social responsibility for both their communities in Australia and its general candidates.

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MONASH Information Technology Scholarship

This is programs are designed to reward excellence and promote greater equity among the many different undergraduate students who want to study and work in IT. We offer a wide range of scholarships and awards at MONASH Information Technology.

MONASH women information technology support bright young women who wish to study Information Technology.

If you are a student intending to pursue an undergraduate degree at this Information Technology platform, you may be eligible for this scholarship. No application is required.

Types of MONASH Scholarship

The MONASH scholarship has seven (7) types of scholarship programs and they are as follows below:

  • The MONASH Undergraduate Scholarship.
  • MONASH Postgraduate Scholarship.
  • MONASH Research Scholarship.
  • The MONASH Indigenous Scholarship.
  • MONASH Women in IT Scholarship.
  • The MONASH Industry-Based Learning.
  • MONASH International Scholarship.

The MONASH Undergraduate Scholarship

MONASH IT offers an array of scholarships for our undergraduate students, including a scholarship for a woman.

  • Information Technology Excellence Scholarship.
  • Women in Information Technology Scholarship.
  • Industry-Based Learning Scholarship.
  • MONASH University Jubilee Honors Scholarship.
  • Indigenous Australian Scholarship.
  • International Students Scholarship.

MONASH Postgraduate Scholarship

MONASH is offering eligible students including Australian and international students can apply for a number of postgraduate scholarships.

  • Faculty of IT Postgraduate Scholarship.
  • Indigenous Australian Scholarships.
  • International Student Scholarships.

MONASH Research Scholarships

MONASH has a variety of scholarships that are available for eligible graduate research candidates.

  • Graduate Research Scholarships.

The MONASH Indigenous Scholarship

This is a scholarship program for new and continuing Indigenous Australian students and they are available at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

  • Information Technology Indigenous Merit Scholarship.
  • MONASH University Indigenous Australian Archives Scholarship.
  • The Faculty of IT Indigenous Study Support Bursary.

MONASH Women in Information Technology Scholarship

This is a scholarship program of the Faculty of IT to a diverse group of female students and high-profile female researchers.

  • Women In Information Technology Scholarship.

The MONASH Industry-Based Learning

This program helps students to showcase the skills they have learned from the classroom.

  • Industry-based learning program scholarships.

MONASH International Scholarship

This is a scholarship program for international students for both undergraduate and postgraduate students.

  • MONASH International Scholarship for Excellence.
  • Women in Information Technology Scholarship.

NOTE: MONASH University offers a range of university-wide scholarships for commencing and continuing students. We offer more than 200 scholarships and awards.

Eligibility for MONASH Information Technology Scholarship

You must be one of the following before you can take part in the MONASH scholarship scheme. See the list below.

  • You must be an Australian Citizen.
  • Applicants must be New Zealand citizens.
  • Students must an Australian permanent residents.
  • Candidates must Australian Humanitarian Visa holders.
  • An international Student.

All that you have seen here are the eligibility for the Monash technology scholarship.

MONASH Scholarship Benefits

MONASH University offers 50 awards per year of $6000 for one year only.

How to Apply for MONASH Information Technology Scholarship

  • There’s no application required.
  • This scholarship cannot be deferred.

Thanks for your time. I hope with this article you will be able to know more about this scholarship program.


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