The Mountain America Credit Union Login portal enables members to access their Macu accounts. Once you have an account with Macu, you can easily set up an online account to manage your account, credit card, loan, and insurance policy. The registration and login procedures are very easy and fast. This content will walk you through the simplest way to access your My America Credit Union account.

Mountain America Credit Union Login

Mountain America Credit Union Login

Log in to your American Mountain Credit Union accounts today to manage your accounts. By accessing the online banking account, members can get information about their Macu account, loan, card, insurance, and lots more.

How to Login to Your Mountain America Credit Union Account

To sign in to your Macu credit union account, do this:

  • Go to
  • Hit on the login button.
  • Input your login ID and password.
  • Click on “log in”.

These are the steps for Macu login. However, should you forget your Macu login ID or password, click on the “forgot ID and password” tab.

How To Sign Up For Macu Online Banking

To sign up for online access with Macu, do the following;

  • Visit Macu’s website at
  • Tap the Login button.
  • Hit on “Register for an account.”
  • To register for Online Banking Access as an individual, press the “Register as an individual” button. Or select Register as Business if you are registering for your business accounts.
  • Agree to Macu online banking terms and conditions.
  • Press the Continue button.
  • Input your account number and tax ID.
  • Tap the Continue widget.

Follow the guide on the screen to create an online banking account for Macu.

Mountain America Credit Union

Mountain America Credit Union is a credit union headquartered in Utah ( West America). One of the purposes of the union is to help their fellow members financially. Further, Mountain Credit Union is a not-for-profit financial institution that focuses on guiding members toward financial success.

With America Mountain Credit Union, members have access to a full suite of financial services, such as

  • Savings accounts
  • Auto loans
  • Checking accounts
  • Credit Cards
  • SBA loans
  • Business check
  • Retirement planning and more.

The financial institution has over 100 branches across Utah, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico.

Macu Loans/Credit Cards

Macu offers different types of loans in the following categories: vehicle, home, home equity loans, personal loans,

Visa Credit Cards from Mountain America Credit Union include the Visa Rewards Card, Visa Low Rate Card, Visa Cash Back Card, BSU Alumni Visa Card, and BYU Alumni Visa Card.

Mountain America Credit Union Services

Services offered by Mountain Banking includes;

Online Banking services- account alert, bill pay etc.

Insurance services: Auto, Home, Life, Business, etc.


How to Apply and Become a Member of Macu

To become a member of Mountain Credit Union, follow the steps below.

  • Visit Mountain America Credit Union’s website at
  • Click on the login button at the top.
  • Tap on the tab that says “become a member
  • From the three types of Macu accounts, select one by tapping on the Apply button next to it.
  • Follow the onscreen directives to apply

These are steps to apply for a membership account at the website. If you don’t want to apply online, you can visit the nearest Mountain America Credit Union locations.

How To Find Mountain America Credit Union Near Me

To find a Macu near you, you can do that by using the Macu online branch/ATM Locator. Kindly follow these steps to get started;

Follow the onscreen directives to find the nearest Macu branch.

Mountain America Credit Union customer service

The phone number for Mountain America Credit Union can be found on the Macu website.If you have any questions or issues, kindly dial the customer service phone number. To get the phone number online, click this link: Then scroll down the page to get the number.

How Do I Find MACU routing number?

To locate Mountain America Credit Union’s routing number, visit their official website at On the website, scroll to the top of the page to get the phone number.

How do I access Macu’s phone number?

To get Macu’s phone number online, go to Next, move down the page to get the phone number.

Sign up for Mountain America Credit Union

To sign up for a Macu membership account, do this:

  • Go to the Mountain America Credit Union website by clicking here.
  • Click on the login tab.
  • Tap on the ‘become a member link.
  • From the three types of Macu accounts, select one by pressing the Apply button next to it.
  • Then, proceed with the onscreen directives to apply

Is Mountain America only in Utah?

The answer is no. Macu has over 100 branch locations in six different states in America. They include; Utah, Nevada, Arizona, Idaho, New Mexico, and Montana.


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