Movavi Screen Capture St is the best to screen recording app for screen capture when you’re away from your desk. Runs perfectly on Mac and Windows devices. The software is a great mid-level screen recording app, with an amazing inbuilt editor that gets the work done.

Movavi Screen Capture St - The Best App for Your Screen Capturing on Windows and Mac

However, the scheduled capture is one of the outstanding features of the software. Users will be able to schedule captures with this very software.


Movavi Screen Capture St

So, what are you still waiting for? Get the app on your PC and enjoy every bit of it as you keep records of activities on your PC’s screen. Below are the basic features that come with the app.

  • With this Movavi Screen recording studio, you can record webinars or live streams when you’re far from your desk. This feature can be found in the Preferences, under the Scheduler field.
  • Users can set a time limit for the next recording, or could specify a time for a recording to start and end. You can as well set it up so your PC shuts down or goes to sleep after the capture is finished.
  • It’s convenient and unambiguous, later improved by Movavi’s above-average resolution settings. In case you need to record an inconveniently timed webinar to share with others, you’ll want it to look good.

There’s a free and paid version, but the free version adds a large hideous watermark to the center of every video.

Movavi Screen Capture St App Download (Windows)

Proceed with the directives below to download and install Movavi app on your Windows computer

  • Enable your Windows PC
  • On your computer desktop, locate your browser and click on it.
  • Type in “movavi screen capture studio” and then tap on the “Enter” button.
  • It should lead you to the result page, where you will see different websites where you can download the app. Click on any of the sites.
  • Go through the features of the app
  • Click on the “Download” tab and follow the onscreen directives to install the app on your Windows PC.

The steps above are procedures to download the software on your windows computer.

Movavi Screen Capture St App (Mac)

To install this screen recorder on your Mac computer, do the following

  • Get your PC or Mac PC.
  • On your Mac desktop, go to the browser app and click on it.
  • Fill in “movavi screen capture studio” then tap on the “Enter” widget.
  • The result screen will pop up, find the website with the appropriate app, and hit on it.
  • Go through the features of the app, you can also check the version of the app before downloading.
  • Press on the “Download/Get” button.

Follow the onscreen procedure to install the app on your PC.

How To Use Movavi Screen Capture St

To use this recorder, do the following;

  • Download Movavi Screen Recorder application.
  • Adjust the recording settings to begin recording.
  • Then, record what’s on your screen.
  • Save the resulting video.

After capturing your screen, you can undo, redo, make a new capture or trim up your video. This is basic editing, but the more powerful editor is shown in the next step. You also have the option to save the file right there.

Read more on how to record your screen by clicking on this link


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