MSN Messenger was known also as MSN and was later rebranded as Windows Live Messenger. It was very popular in the ’90s and was the major single platform with over 300 million users each month.

MSN Messenger

This platform is just another social media platform than Hotmail account and after Microsoft account was popular platforms one can add friends and open a chat window to communicate with friends. Just like the same pattern that other messaging apps like Whatsapp works today.

Although, MSN Messenger has been discontinued and merged with Skype, let’s still some features of the messenger.

 MSN Messenger

Colloquially MSN Messenger was known as MSN, it was later rebranded as Windows Live Messenger was a cross-platform for instant messaging clients and was developed by Microsoft. The MSN Messenger platform was compatible with Yahoo messenger and Facebook Messenger.

It was first launched on July 22, 1999, under MSN products and rebranded under Windows Live. By 2009 June, Microsoft had attracted over 300 million active users across the world each month.

Also, over the years various versions of MSN and Windows Live Messenger has been released for Windows, Mac OS X, Xbox 360, BlackBerry OS, Java ME, iOS, S60 on Symbian OS 9. X, MSN TV, Windows Phone Windows CE, Zune HD and Windows Mobile.

However, as Skype was acquired in May 2011, Microsoft decided to add interoperability between Microsoft accounts and Skype account. This enables Skype to communicate with Messenger contacts. Windows Live was discontinued in 2013.

MSN Messenger Features

The MSN Messenger apart from its basic functionality as an instant messaging platform, the current version of Windows Live Messenger has some features as follows

  • Users on the window live messenger can appear to be offline to a particular contact. While to others you are appearing live.
  • Messages can be sent while the contact is offline and they receive it immediately they come online. This feature was not in MSN Messenger. But now available in Windows Live Messenger.
  • Games and applications are available in Windows Live Messenger. These games are accessed via the conversation window when you click on the game’s icon. It can be played alone or put up with a friend to challenge.
  • Windows Live Messenger allows for Social networks integration. You can connect other platforms like MySpace, Facebook and LinkedIn with Windows Live Profile. Also, users can update their status and photos directly on Windows Live Messenger and on another connected platform.
  • Also, messenger imports contacts from other social media platforms and integrates with Facebook using XMPP protocol for instant messaging support with Facebook users.

These are a few features that are mentioned in this article.

MSN Messenger For iPhone And Windows Mobile

It was developed by Microsoft though had weak compatibility with other instant messengers. But was compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer web browser.

However, in 2021 Windows Live Messenger had been moved to Windows Vista. It is basically the most used free MSN/Vista client. MSN although Microsoft has not given any updates on this client, the software is popular for current Windows Vista users. Recently, the update on the platform desktop version has not yet connected with Windows Live Messenger for an online chat.

The iPhone version was released in early 2021, the update was not well received, due to challenges users faced. When using iPhone to browse the internet which was difficult compared with a phone designed to run Microsoft Windows.

Another challenge commented was the inability to send emails when iPhone is connected to MSN Messenger through Bluetooth technology. For now, the company is working on a new version of MSN for Windows Mobile. To check out for more details visit

Is MSN Messenger still available?

MSN Messenger (also known as Windows Live Messenger) was a popular instant messaging service developed by Microsoft in 1999. It was available on Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, Xbox 360, and some mobile phones. It was used by millions of people around the world to chat with friends and family, share photos and videos, and even play games. Unfortunately, Microsoft discontinued the service in 2013, and it is no longer available.


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