7 Must Have Features Of Healthcare Apps? Discover the key Features you must include while developing the healthcare app. If you want to develop an app to hire a Top Mobile App Development firm and want to know what can make it stand out This Write-up is exclusively for you.

7 Must-Have Features Of Healthcare Apps
7 Must-Have Features Of Healthcare Apps

In this write-up, you will get the five latest features that users may expect from such an app. By adding the said features, you can be sure that the app would be a hit on the Play Store and App Store.

7 Must Have Features Of Healthcare Apps

Today, different types of healthcare apps made it possible for patients and doctors to connect and consult in the comfort of their homes. Apart from facilitating virtual communication, healthcare applications are also rendering other amazing benefits.

And the Increase in the use and popularity of such apps have increased the demand for healthcare applications that can serve diverse purposes

Top 7 Healthcare App Development Features for Doctors & Patients

Features for the Doctors & Patients app to are as follows;

An Engaging UX/UI Design Features

The UX/UI design of a mobile app is the first feature to consider, it’s also what a user comes across. Which is the reason why it should be attractive. To ensure the design you create for your app speaks volumes about your business goals and offerings. However, the theme should be relevant to your business, the navigations should be clear, and the interface should be user-friendly.

Healthcare Data Security

Since healthcare app deals with a good number of users’ data, like a patient’s health history, medical records, and more, paying attention to its security should not be ignored. So, you can choose the top-notch security measures for your healthcare mobile app to ensure the privacy and integrity of users’ data. Moreover, you can use blockchain technology also

Live Video Consultation with the Specialists

By adding video consultation features, users can speak to specialists in real-time. And based on various online studies, healthcare applications with this feature have a higher chance of success.

Health Activity Tracking

Adding a health activity tracking option to your healthcare app would help users to monitor their health. Also, you can give them information such as if they are tracking their blood pressure by entering the daily measurements, then the app can show them the list of foods they should avoid maintaining the balance.

Symptoms Checker Feature

The symptom checker feature, allows the app to show users the health problem they might be suffering from. You can also include features that would tell users which specialist they should visit for a further diagnosis of the problem.

Wearable Devises Integration

With this feature in your healthcare app, you can make users monitor their health and store and sync the data with their apps. Thus, the feature would help users to monitor their heart rate, sugar level, blood pressure, and more. Moreover, they can keep a record of the same in the app. Ensure you hire the best fitness app development services to integrate this feature into your app.

Cloud Integration

Providing cloud storage in healthcare applications can help patients to access information anywhere from any device merely by signing into their accounts. Moreover, it can also allow users to keep electronic records of their prescriptions, medical history, medical images, and more. Cloud-based healthcare solutions can make it easy to track data in the cloud.

Other Features you may find interesting include

Blockchain technology helps to increase the security of the applications and provide patients with well-synchronized healthcare ecosystems.

Integration of AI and ML: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning based apps that are made for diagnosing various health issues can help doctors to save time and achieve great accuracy in the results.

What Types of Health Apps are in Demand?

Do you want to develop a healthcare application? If yes, then these are some of the options you can choose from:

Medical Training App

You can decide to create a medical training app for healthcare professionals to train interns. By integrating the potential of AR and VR, you can make the doctors perform surgeries to teach the starters in the field.

The On-demand Doctor App

Getting online consultation and primary treatment is slowly becoming the new norm in the healthcare industry.  However, apps that can make patients and doctors connect in real time are very high in demand. Since the market is already loaded with such applications, you need to think of adding highly advanced features to make your app stand out.

The Medicine Reminder or Health Checkup Reminder App

To forget taking one’s medicine is a normal thing we experience, so providing people with an app that reminds them to take medicine can be a good help. Also, a health checkup reminder app is a good option to add to your healthcare mobile app ideas list.

Health Recordkeeping App

Health Recordkeeping apps can help people to monitor and save their blood pressure, sugar level, weight fluctuations, and other information associated with their health.

What are the Essential Features to Develop a Telemedicine App?

Key Features to consider for telemedicine app development

  • User Profile.
  • Patient Web/Mobile Panel.
  • Geolocation.
  • Communication Methods.
  • Electronic Medical Records (EMR)
  • Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)
  • Symptom Checker.
  • Prescription and Medication Tracker.

What do you Consider Positive Aspects of using a Health App?

The mHealth apps facilitate engagement via effective patient-focused care, personalized experiences & knowledge sharing between providers and patients. However, patients can access and monitor their medical records/prescription details from the convenience of their own homes without visiting hospitals.

What Apps are Used in Healthcare?

Below are Healthcare Apps for Patients.

MDacne – Custom Acne Treatment.


MySugr – Diabetes Tracker Log.

Generis: DNA & Nutrition.

Teladoc – 24/7 access to a doctor.

Better Help – Online Counseling.

EyeCare Live



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