What is “my Business on Facebook? Are you trying to put or launch your business on Facebook? Well, lots of people also want the same thing. The funniest thing is that they say this a lot, My Business on Facebook.

This is all about placing their business on Facebook. If what is here is what you have been looking for, I bet you that all your search is over because right here with me, I have the article that will solve the problem for you.

FACEBOOK BUSINESS: Business Account on Facebook – Facebook Business Account | Create Facebook Business Page

My business on Facebook, putting your business on Facebook is the best idea so far in other to advertise or market your business.

My Business on Facebook

There are situations that different business owners have gotten into in terms of marketing or advertising their business. But when they finally brought their business to Facebook, they find it very easy and fast to advertise and also market their business on the platform.

Quickly, let see how you can advertise your business on Facebook and one thing I want you to know is that bringing your business to Facebook means that you want to market or advertise your business on the platform. So, I will like us to see the procedure on how you can do all of that on Facebook.

How to Advertise My Business On Facebook For Free?

In other to market or advertise your business, you have to do two things and this thing that you must do is to create your Facebook business page and set up Facebook Ads. To help target audience or attract customers.

If you want to advertise your business on this platform that I have been telling you about, you must access the marketplace of Facebook or any of the buy and sell groups on Facebook. The marketplace is located at the left-hand column on your homepage, click on it and choose to sell something after accessing the marketplace.

After this, you have to click on the sell tab and list out the details of your product or business for other users to see when they access the marketplace and click post when you are done with the listing. But if you can’t find the marketplace tab on your Facebook homepage, you can search for any buy and sell group and join.

After joining the buy and sell group, you will have to wait for acceptation and after accepting your request you can start advertising your business there. You just have to click sell something like the one in the marketplace and also list out your business details or information and post it.

Facebook Ads

You know I mentioned Facebook ads and Facebook business page, that if you want to market or advertise your business you need these two things. I am not going deep to tell you what they are been used for but I have going to tell you a little of it and how you can find where to access them.

The Facebook ads are the ones responsible for advertising and reaching out to your target audience. Without Facebook Ads you cannot reach out to large numbers of an audience but less. While the Facebook page is where you post a kind of deal about your business to keep your page updated. Users can also visit your page to view your business details and it is really helpful.

You can set up your Facebook ads when you logged in to your Facebook account and click on the create a tab at the top of the screen. Tap “AD” after clicking the create tab and choose your objective, follow up with the steps given to you there, and before you know it you are done.

But if you are a Facebook mobile app user, you have to download the ads manager app from the app store to your device before you can set up your Facebook ads. To create your business page on Facebook, click on the page tab and click create at the top of the page and also follow the steps give to you.


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