My Health Plan Account com is a Health Plan website designed for health plan account activation. Once you activate your health plan account, you save yourself from the stress of going to the hospital. This is because you will get all the necessary information about your health online through my health plan account.

My Health Plan Account com

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My Health Plan Account com

The members who bought the new health insurance plans can now activate their accounts Online, using the Myhealthplanaccount website. The moment you get a new member ID card for your health insurance plan, in the mail, kindly proceed to sign up for this Myhealth plan online account. The health plan account comes with loads of benefits, which will be outlined below.

MyHealthPlan Account Benefits – My Health Plan Account com

With your secure health plan account, you can do the following;

  • Get easy access to your doctor online
  • You can change your doctor online
  • Login to update your contact info online
  • Send the health plan a secure message
  • Manage your prescriptions online

These are the benefits you enjoy when you activate your health plan account.

My Health Plan Account Activate – My Health Plan Account

My health plan account activates page, enables users to access and enjoy all the amazing services the health platform offers. However, at My health plan, users are to Choose their health plan to register on their member website.

On the health plan website, once you select your state, you will be redirected to the My Health Plan Account Anthem page. Just follow the onscreen prompt to activate Myplanaccount.

How to Activate My Health Plan Account Online – MyHealth Plan

For My Health Plan account activate card online steps, check out the following;

  • Head to
  • Move down the page and select your plan to register on your member website from the options
  • Navigate to the Anthem website
  • Choose your state from the list.
  • Tap on the Continue widget.
  • Fill in Member ID
  • Enter Your Date of Birth
  • Fill in your First name
  • Input your Last name
  • Tick on the box to agree to the terms of Use
  • Tap the “Next” widget

Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the registration process. Your member ID or state RID number is located on your member ID card.

How to Activate My Health Plan Account Using Anthem Medicaid App

Health plan Insurance members can also use the mobile app to activate their health plan accounts. The mobile app is known as the Anthem Medicaid app. And it’s compatible with Android and iOS mobile phones. However, to activate your health plan Account, do the following;

  • Download and install the Anthem app on your device, by visiting the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  • Launch the app
  • Progress to the registration page
  • Choose your State and follow the onscreen guide.

These are steps to activate the Myhealthplan account via the Anthem Medicaid app.

My health plan login – 

Sign in to your Myhealth plan account now and enjoy the following online services;

  • You can change your primary medical provider (PMP).
  • View or print your member ID card.
  • Take charge of your IngenioRx Pharmacy prescriptions (if applicable)
  • Take your health screener.
  • Update your contact information online.
  • Chat with a live person or send Myhealthplan customer service a secure message.
  • Requesting a call back from Member Services.

These are the login benefits for my health plan account

How to Log in to the Health Plan Account Online

To log in to a health plan account online, do the following;

  • Launch your browser
  • Progress to
  • Go down the page and click your plan to register on your member website from the options
  • Progress to the official Insurance company website, which is the Anthem website tab
  • Choose your state from the menu.
  • On the registration screen, you will see the login button, tap on it
  • Fill in your Username and Password
  • Click on the login

Follow the prompt to access your account.

How to Login Via Anthem Medicaid App

If you don’t have the Anthem Medicaid App, you can visit the Google Play Store or Apple App Store to get the app. Follow this guide to log into your Myhealth plan account through an app;

  • Launch your Anthem Medicaid App
  • Scroll to the login page (you might need to select your state before accessing the login page)
  • Enter your Username and Password

These are login guides for my health plan account.

My Health Plan Customer Service

If you have any issues or questions as regards your health plan Insurance account, you can contact customer service online. Moreover, the only way to reach out to the customer service representative is by logging into your health plan account. If you don’t know how to log in, you can follow the login steps outlined above to access your account.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Can I do With My Health Plan Account?

The Myhealthplanaccounnt can do stuff like;

Change your doctor and modify your contact details online.  You can also manage your prescriptions, and send messages securely.

What is the Official website for MyhealthPlanAccount Activate?

The official website for the Myhealthplanaccount activation is website is used to activate my health plan accounts. Although you will be directed to the insurance company‘s website at the end.

 Is a Health Plan the Same as Health Insurance?

A Health Plan (also known as medical) is a health cover that covers the cost of a member’s hospitalization. Health Insurance is a broader health cover that covers everything beginning from the diagnosis of the illness.

What is included in a health care plan?

A healthcare plan comes with the following services

Doctors’ services

Inpatient and outpatient hospital care

Prescription drug coverage

Pregnancy and childbirth

Mental health services etc.

What Can I do with my health

Members can view or change their doctor, modify their contact details, manage their prescriptions, and send a message securely.


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