My PC’s Graphics Card Information, how do I find it? Graphics Card is computer hardware that produces the image displayed on the monitor. And it’s responsible for rendering an image to your monitor, by simply converting data into a signal the monitor can understand.

My PC’s Graphics Card Information

However, your graphics card determines the quality and smoother an image can be produced, which is very important for video editors and gamers. Having knowledge about your graphics card can help you troubleshoot odd visual behaviours or recommend a good-preforming card to other users.

 My PC’s Graphics Card Information

There are many ways to check your graphics card information on your windows computer. If you’re wondering what kind of graphics card your computer is using and how to check it, here is the good news, the procedure to check or find information regarding your PC’s graphics card is very simple. I will be showing you several ways you can find info about your computer graphics card.

How To Check Graphics Card in Windows 7 Using Direct Diagnostic Tool(dxdiag)

To access information about your computer graphics card in windows 7, do the following

  • Turn on your computer
  • Click on the Start icon at the bottom left of the
  • From the Start menu, go to the search engine and type in dxdiag
  • Click on the tab and the DirectX diagnostic tool opens
  • Tap on the display button
  • You will see every information you needed including your graphics card name, manufacturer, chip type, total memory, display mode, monitor and many more

These are steps to find a graphics card windows 7

How To Check Graphics Card In Windows 10

To find the video card info on your computer using settings, do these

  • Navigate to your computer
  • Go to settings
  • Tap on the systems tab
  • Tap on the Display button
  • Beneath the multiple displays field, click on the Advanced display settings
  • You’ll find the G card name and model under the display information field

I believe the above procedure will give you the basic information you need to know about your computer GC.

How To Check Graphics Card Information Using System Information

On your Windows 10 with system Info, follow these steps

  • Enable your computer
  • Go to Start
  • Search for system information
  • From the result click on the top result to access system Info.
  • Open the components tab
  • Tap the display button
  • You can now find the graphics card installed on your computer, under the Adapter Description

How To Check Graphics Card Information Using Device Manager

To access your PC’s GC data using device manager, these steps are for you

  • Click on the Start button
  • On the search tool, type in device manager
  • Click on the pop-up result.
  • Click to expand the display adapters field.
  • Under the display adapters, you will find the manufacturer and model of the card

This is how to discover what type of video card is installed on your computer, via the device manager.

How To Find Graphics Card Information Using Task Manager

With the help of a task manager on your PC, you’ll be able to find out about your GC, see below

  • Launch the Start icon on your PC
  • You’ll see the search box, search for task manager and click on the result
  • On the new page, select the performance button
  • Tap on the GPU

The above steps should display the necessary info about your PC’s GC.


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