My YouTube is a go-to place for streaming videos and movies. No matter the clip you want, you can have on the platform such as music video, latest movies and old movies, comedy skits, lyrics, dance videos, and many others. You can follow your favourite celebrities’ YouTube channels and also create your own.

My YouTube

Using YouTube, allows you to do many things, you can actually monetize it using your channel. YouTube is actually one of the biggest video streaming platforms in the world. On the platform, you can download or save videos to be watched later, but of course, you need an account. To find out more about YouTube, read on.


My YouTube

This platform is an American online video sharing platform and is headquartered in San Bruno, California. It allows users to upload, view, share, rate, report, comment on videos, add to playlists, and also subscribers to the users you’d like to follow. The platform offers a wide range of user-generated and corporate media videos. On the platform, the contents that are available include TV Show, video clips, music videos, documentary and short films, audio recordings, trailers, live streams, and others.

This app also provides vlogging (video blogging), short original videos, and educational videos. Most of the content on the platform are uploaded by individuals and also corporate media such as CBS, BBC, Vevo, and Hulu. To use YouTube free, you need to create a user profile with your Google account.

Features Of YouTube

There are lots of things you can do on YouTube and below are listing the features on the platform. It is free and very simple to understand and use by anyone. Here are the features;

  • Video Technology.
  • Playback.
  • Uploading.
  • Quality and Formats.
  • Live Streaming.
  • 3D Videos.

As earlier said, there are many things you can do on the platform, and I actually will be forward to explaining some of the things that are available on YouTube.

YouTube TV

The launch of YouTube TV was announced on February 28, 2017. It is an over the top MVPD style subscription service that is available in some places. The TV service from this app offers live streams of programming from broadcast channels and also cable channels. It offers a cloud-based DVR service with unlimited storage that saves recordings.

YouTube Go

This is an Android application that is aimed at making the platform easier on smartphones. It is separate from the company’s main Android app. It can be used for downloading and sharing videos with others. Also, video previews are allowed as well as sharing download videos using Bluetooth.


This is a music streaming service that was developed by Youtube. It provides a tailored interface for the service-oriented towards music streaming allowing users to browse through songs and music videos. You can select the genre you want, create your own playlists, and also make recommendations.

YouTube Music offers a premium tier that enables an ad-free audio-only background, playback, and also downloading of songs. The downloaded songs can be listened to when offline.

YouTube Videos

On the YouTube platform, you can stream as videos and movies you want. Also, it allows downloads for offline streaming or saving them to watch later. YouTube was created primarily for the streaming and uploading of videos.


With a Google account, you can actually watch and like as many videos as you want and also subscribe to channels. However, without having a Channel, you would have no public presence on YouTube. Yes, you have a Google account. But you can only publicly know or monetize your account with a YouTube Channel. The channel you create is where you can organize your video content for the audience you have. That means you can add videos, links, and also some basic information about yours or the channel.

If you’re wondering how you can actually have your own channel, then this is simple. All you need to do is to create your and I will be giving you the guidelines to do that.

How To Create A YouTube Channel

Creating a channel can be done using the mobile app or website. I will be guiding you through how to create a personal channel and for your business. Follow below;

Personal Channel;

  • Sign In to your YouTube account on the computer or the app.
  • Then try uploading a video or posting a comment or making a playlist. You are to try out something that requires having a channel.
  • The ‘create a channel’ prompt will be shown. Select it.
  • Check the details and confirm them to create the new channel.

Not much is needed because your Google account is already signed in.

For a Business or Others;

You can use a Brand Account to create a channel that has a different name but is still managed from your Google account. Follow below;

  • Sign In to YouTube.
  • Go to your Channel List and choose to create a new channel.
  • Fill out the details to the name of the new channel and verify the account.
  • Hit on “Done”. A new brand account will be created.

Now the Brand name channel has been created successfully, you can add a channel manager.

Download YouTube App

You can get the app for free from the App Store of the Device you’re using. With just a tap, you can watch videos or movies from anywhere. To download the app, all you have to do is to launch the Application store on your device. Select the search box and enter YouTube. Tap on the first result to load and tap on “Install”.

The app will be downloaded and installed on your device immediately if you have a good data connection.

YouTube Home

Once you open the app on your mobile phone, you will be landed on the Home tab. The home page is categorized into;

  • Trending: this section lets you discover videos that are popular on the platform right now.
  • Subscriptions: videos from the channels you are subscribed to.
  • Inbox: this tab organizes your messages and also notifications.
  • Library: this section shows history, your videos, purchases, downloads playlists and watch later.
  • Create a Video or Post: you can record a video, start a live stream, or upload video content from this section.
  • Search: the search engine allows you to find and explore content easier on YouTube.
  • Profile Picture: gives you access to your account information and settings.

The YouTube Homepage is friendly, so it is quite easy to understand and navigate around.


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